CROSS FORUM NRL 2023 Round 26 Discussion

Pongas defence has been immense. Folded hazleton. Probably scores that against most fullbacks
Now the ball which didn't touch the ground should have been given a try because it's splitting hairs.
Absolute fuckwit
100% agree.

Every week Johns and Gould want the rules to simply be ignored purely because it's convenient.

Based off how they want the game run every law of the game should start with "where deemed suitable and if required...insert rule"
Sharks really missing Nicho, Moylan has done nothing and their sets are pretty aimless.
Lord Gamble delivers to the masses
Newcastle is playing like a top four side right now.
I criticised Frizell at the start of the year but he has been a beast the last couple of months
Lol Joey calling for a send off on the shoulder charge and claiming contact with the head.

He’s nowhere near the head you fuckwit.
Newcastle is playing like a top four side right now.
Nah. They're playing better than the Sharks, who are somehow a top 6 team. I couldn't see them beating the current top 4. Maybe yes with injuries/out to Storm and Warriors, but they're just playing a rocks and diamonds team, who are currently Rocks


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