NRL Player Movements & Rumours

Every club has wankers. It's unavoidable when you're giving young guys lots of money and constantly blowing smoke up their ass.

We've got some at the club already.
I see both your points, I just think he’d be another Jack Bird. Can play him “anywhere” huge signing for the club etc etc. Then that flog gave us 17 games in 3 years. No thanks to Wighton, unless he came at like $500K which will never happen.
Another one I’ve heard is Wighton to the Roosters. Tupou moved on, Sualii to the wing and Jack into the centres.
of course cap space will not be an issue whatsoever.
The Wests Tigers are preparing to offer Mitchell Pearce a two-year deal worth $1.5 million in what’s being called a “desperate” move from the struggling club.

Pearce left the NRL abruptly at the end of 2021 when departed the Knights to join French Super League club Catalans Dragons.

Pearce turns 34 next week but the Tigers halves Luke Brooks and Adam Doueihi have been struggling badly in the side’s winless start through four rounds.

“It stinks of desperation,” Paul Kent said on NRL 360.
Pearce’s reply:

I don’t really have much to say. Benji called me yesterday and I told him I’m contracted to Catalans,” Pearce said to News Corp in a text message.

“We are top of the table and I want to win a comp in Super League. That’s pretty much it.”
Can Herbie pull out of his contract with the dolphins now? He seems to be really regretting it.
Dolphins will actually have a pretty good side if they get Wighton and pair him and Herbie in the centers. It would be a hell of a lot of money though in the centers for him.
Thomas Mikaele has signed with the Titans for the rest of 2023. he's been playing with Warrington since leaving the Tigpies, at the end of last year
Seriously @Sproj 🙄.. how many blokes can they sign and until when? I do rate Leeming, I think he is a great player.
In saying that…Tomkins was a gun and turned into dog shit when he went to a subpar team in the Warriors.
Not surprising. What else do they have in that team? They are all getting old now and not sure there is much coming through after them and they don’t attract talent that easily.

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