NSW steal QLD's home game for 2013 Origin

Take the bias hat off for a moment and look at the reality of the venues for the past 8 years of origin

2006 - NSW - QLD - Melb
2007 - QLD - NSW - QLD
2008 - NSW - QLD - NSW
2009 - Melb - NSW - QLD
2010 - NSW - Qld - NSW
2011 - QLD - NSW - QLD
2012 - Melb - NSW - QLD
2013 (original) - QLD - NSW - QLD

Under the original plan, Qld would have 5 deciders at Suncorp in the past 8 years, with 3 consecutive years in a row to Qld.

I'm happy, so long as a game isn't played in Melbourne. Such a waste of the best part of our game on Victorians who view league as a novelty. The stadium would be packed with corporate tickets (like the Bledisloe) and the NRL is never going to reach its target audience to develop the game there (kids, grassroots, families) through Origin.

The jewel in the crown should always stay in its home states, and not move for a kings ransom.

Can you imagine the AFL GF at the SCG? Hardly...
Hmm... if my memory serves me correctly NSW opted to move their 2012 game from the decider to game two. Can anyone confirm this? I'm pretty sure I read an article saying Ricky was concerned about play a Melb - QLD - NSW scenario and wanted to have game 2 on their home ground.

If this was the case then it would've been an even split on deciders had Ricky not influenced the schedule. I say they took the risk and lost, the schedule should stay as is.


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There is no way to hate the Blues anymore, so meh. Everyone will stop caring about this soon enough.

Bucking Beads

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I feel like the ARLC has shown their hand and they just can't be trusted. This whole decision reeks of under the table dealing and complete and utter Bias.


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It sucks that we have to hand our 2 home game series over, and that we haven't had the opening game in Brisbane in forever, but I love the new schedule overall. Only 1 Melbourne game in 7 years, while still too much, is a step forward. It doesn't affect anyone either.

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The only real change they made was getting rid of a Melbourne game and swapping 2013 and 14 around.

They should have honoured the original scheduling up until 2015 and then announced those changes.

The NSWRL trying to put this on the Queensland government is bogus too. Quite simply, they don't have the money the NSW government have and can't afford to blow millions on a match that by rights should have been ours.


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Gold Coast
Meh let them have it I say as it just gives us more reasons to win, they could play 3 games there, we would still win the series. Funny thing is they would then turn around with some claim that because they had to host the games it cost them the series.
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I for one can't wait to say Get Over It to Laurie Daley when the wanker is whinging about losing Origin next year.
Yes say to gallen the beast to get over aswell . smells like Stuart, Daley. Gallen. and the NSW premiere has got up some dirty rat tricks

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