NSW steal QLD's home game for 2013 Origin

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2012' started by broncos4life, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. fredie

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    What ? or where is the sonny bill - QLD origin team . connection ? from what i have seen ,sonny has only played for NSW in his carrer. going by the rules as is today , sterlo had a choice qld or nsw
  2. I don't think Sterlo had much of a choice, but regardless of that, I think he played for the team that meant something to him, as Inglis and Folau do.
    I very much doubt any player that grows and develops his footy in NSW would choose to play for Qld just because he was born there. The same goes for NSW born players that were raised and developped in Qld.
  3. You made the point to Big Pete that Sonny had already played for NSW under 19's, Tonie Carroll did the same and was criticised for playing for Queensland, can't see the connection? Can't criticise Queensland for playing Carroll and then turn around and in same situation if SBW wanted to play for NSW say its ok because he played for NSW under 19's. Elias played for NSW and wasn't born in Australia either but NSW fans, management and coaches didn't have a problem with that.

    Both sides are guilty of it, but apparently to NSW only Queensland ever do it.
    And your right Porthoz Sterlo probably didn't have much of a choice, but the same can be said for Inglis and Folau, but where is all the criticism labelled at? Queensland.
  4. Foordy


    even if you forget about sterlo... they are the most recent team to do it... does the name James Tamou ring a bell
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    lets not go over all this again - NSW have had MANY non-nsw born players play for them, just like QLD have had MANY non-QLD born players play for them.
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    If this debate is going to start again the most controversial QLD born defector to NSW is Ken Nagas by a mile.

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