NSW steal QLD's home game for 2013 Origin

Ah Bman I was waiting for you to see this thread lolz

Hows schoolies treating you
NSW .......cheque book SOO :laugh:

Can they be any more pathetic?
What gets me is NSW were b!tching about Melbourne getting a game this year, yet is was them that sold it to Melbourne & not they buy a home game.

Will they be able to sell out both games, so far when NSW have had 2 games they haven't been sell outs.

Will the players be getting any of the money that was paid for the 2nd home game. (rumoured to be around 1 million dollars)
they wont sell out both games. no chance. they all have excuses
There would be two reasons behind this switch: the Sydney-based members of the ARLC must be anxious to stop Queensland winning an eighth consecutive Origin series and second, the NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell, probably paid for the opportunity.
Rather than coach Laurie Daley and his Blues travelling twice to Brisbane next year, NSW has a chance of stopping the Maroon rout at the privately-owned Homebush stadium where it has a 68 per cent win record.
Given that O'Farrell, a passionate Blues supporter, was desperate to retain matches in NSW, while Queensland said it would not pay for games, we're entitled to wonder how both states ended with seven games each over the next five years. VME's past payment for Origin games included $400,000 to employ rugby league development officers in Victoria. Apart from growing the number of players, Origin also boosted ratings.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/...in-fixtures-20121120-29o5o.html#ixzz2CrOxZlb7

In fact, Grant has indicated he would like to see a play-off between the victors of the NSW and Queensland state cups, suggesting the NSWRL could lose its grand final to free-to-air TV, as well.
Despite its business background, the ARLC seems content to endorse the anti-competitive saying, ''two's company, three's a crowd''.
Victorians are entitled to ask whether they were better off when the ARL and News Ltd ran the game, given that Rupert Murdoch has tipped in $65 million to the Storm and successfully lobbied for a rectangular stadium in the AFL city.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/...o-melbourne-20121120-29o2m.html#ixzz2CrSKRyam
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Origin schedule met with hysterical howls of protest from sooky Queenslanders

this guy is the sydney king rat from the newspapers
Phil Rothfield
The Daily Telegraph

FORMER Blues coach Ricky Stuart once labelled Queenslanders as smug, arrogant and big heads.

He forgot to mention they were sooks too.

The hysterical howls of protest from north of the border yesterday to news the independent commission has awarded NSW two home games at ANZ Stadium next year was typical of the sunshine state.
Vintage NSW grubs," another screamed. "What a sham. Very sad day for Origin.

"Typical of NSW, just like the New York Yacht Club. If you can't win, cheat.

"The NRL is a joke. We have a drug cheat in the hall of fame, they let Sonny Bill come back and now this rubbish. Sign your kids up to union or AFL."

Of course, they conveniently overlooked the fact Brisbane has hosted nine more games than NSW since the inception of Origin.

And the only real recent rorts in Origin history were the dubious tries awarded to Greg Inglis and Justin Hodges in the last series.

And all this coming from a state that claims Macksville-born and bred Greg Inglis and Campbelltown's Israel Folau as their own.
Slothfield is a joke.......any newspaper with his drivel in it is not fit to wipe your arse with.
I love when they quote randoms off the internet. It's easy to find anything you want to frame an article anyway you like... Poor journalism really.

Hardly "sooking" too. We're losing one of Rugby Leagues premier games because NSW basically bought it out.
Just when my hate started to turn to pity they start with this dribble. Bring on 8 in a row with a whitewash
Rothfield is just pathetic, honestly it would be an embarassment just to know the pig faced little b****.
And all this coming from a state that claims Macksville-born and bred Greg Inglis and Campbelltown's Israel Folau as their own.
LOL they had no problem when Peter Sterling (Toowoomba) and Ben Elias (Lebonon ffs) played for them.
League journos are the worst of the worst. They constantly bite the hand that feeds and they can't fulfill their job without coming up with half-true chicken little stories that ultimately evaporate into nothingness.

Two words: knee-crowding.

Origin eligibility is a joke and it goes both ways for 30 years now. Steve Rogers was the first turn-coat but never seems to rate a mention. Also I'm surprised Coleman hasn't fired up about NSW claiming Victorian or WA juniors yet.

I can't wait until NSW try and come up with some bogus loop-hole to allow SBW to play for them.
LOL they had no problem when Peter Sterling (Toowoomba) and Ben Elias (Lebonon ffs) played for them.
Sterling moved out of qld when he 1 year old . grew up in nsw country . wagga wagga i think

I can't wait until NSW try and come up with some bogus loop-hole to allow SBW to play for them.
sonny has already played for blues under 19 origin
He already committed to New Zealand, that match means jack all to eligibility.
Hopefully this all fires both teams up come Origin time, though it's probably waaaay too far away to still matter when we get there.
Fairly short sighted by NSW administrators (if they actually influenced the ARLC) as there is nothing worse for NSW than feeding fuel to the giant chip of the shoulder of Queensland.

New energy for the waning motivation of Qld players (and supporters). Thanks NSW.

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