NSW steal QLD's home game for 2013 Origin

Well the good news is Melbourne only gets one game in the next 7 years. QLD/NSW origin matches are so much better.
Mike Coleman is good value, I'm a mike fan
It's a joke and proof positive that the game still holds a strong NSW agenda.
Yes, make the Queensland Origin team REALLY angry because that is going to help the Blues.
Another nail in the coffin for the NRL. The game has no integrity at all. It just continues to shoot itself in the foot.
Another nail in the coffin for the NRL. The game has no integrity at all. It just continues to shoot itself in the foot.

Agreed beads. The governing body is so unprofessional. We keep hearing about how there is a war between us and the afl, what garbage, apart from the product itself afl do everything better by miles
I think it 's good in a way this is happening. It gives the younger Qld generations a taste of why some of us older guys hate the NSW establishment.
It will be interesting to see the seven year Origin schedule.
I mean if they are going to have 1 game each for NSW and Qld and sell one or will they revert to alternating the double home game.

I think that 2014 will be a double home game for us then 2015 Melb gets a game and 2016 NSW gets a double home game.
Independent commission my arse!

But as crap as it is that we have lost the home advantage, it's just going to make it sweeter when we win!

You kinda have to feel sorry for NSW, it's like under 7's footy and when a team is getting smashed they have to try and even up the teams just so everyone has a good time.
Have to say I didn't expect this although when you think about the commercials it isn't surprising. It's in the ARLC's interest for NSW to break the streak and having two games in NSW next year makes it harder for Qld. Throw in the extra dollars from NSW Tourism and the games' coffers look pretty healthy.

I'm intrigued as to how much the QLD Government supposedly paid to ward off the Melbourne bid. The Newman government was dead against the concept but it seems they conceded at the death and put down some cash.
I heard someone on radio saying how Queensland had had it good for too long, getting home ground advantage...might've been Barry O'Farrell. Wonder if someone should tell him that since our winning run in 2006 we've had 2 home games in a series just twice - 2007 and 2011...meanwhile NSW had 2 home games in 2008 and 2010...Melbourne had a game in 2006, 2009 and 2012...

So Queensland's won 7 series with an even share of home games...
Take the bias hat off for a moment and look at the reality of the venues for the past 8 years of origin

2006 - NSW - QLD - Melb
2007 - QLD - NSW - QLD
2008 - NSW - QLD - NSW
2009 - Melb - NSW - QLD
2010 - NSW - Qld - NSW
2011 - QLD - NSW - QLD
2012 - Melb - NSW - QLD
2013 (original) - QLD - NSW - QLD

Under the original plan, Qld would have 5 deciders at Suncorp in the past 8 years, with 3 consecutive years in a row to Qld.

I'm happy, so long as a game isn't played in Melbourne. Such a waste of the best part of our game on Victorians who view league as a novelty. The stadium would be packed with corporate tickets (like the Bledisloe) and the NRL is never going to reach its target audience to develop the game there (kids, grassroots, families) through Origin.

The jewel in the crown should always stay in its home states, and not move for a kings ransom.

Can you imagine the AFL GF at the SCG? Hardly...
Well Campbell Newman think the Gabba should be in contention to host the AFL Grand Final so go figure.
PS Coleman just trying to keep himself relevant in the off-season - this wouldn't (and didn't) even make the back page during winter.

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