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Right, all discussion from here on in needs to be on topic and about the NSW team.
Wow. Thanks buddy. You just lost your invite to my birthday party.
That was the 2nd time this year I've seen gallen knee someone in the face. I remember blowing up about it on twitter but everyone said it was acciedental and "not his go........anymore" yeah well, that's twice now.

He'll get off though, you watch. "it's not his go.........anymore"
Gallen has to get at least two weeks for that right !?!

Shame for him really as he's been playing good footy of late
Watching the highlights on NRL.com gives you two angles. Gallen wasn't looking at Taylor but he knew where he was.

The knee to the head might have been accidental but he was certainly trying to knee Taylor in the body. I've never see any player position his knees like that to get free of a tackle.

I bet his suspension length is exactly the length of his injury layoff.
Looks like Gallen is good to go on both counts - the injury and the kneeing incident.
Good news.

Come at us Gal!
Good he's cleared, I could already hear the whinging about the injuries etc when they lost. Now it will make it soo much sweeter
The sigh of relief when I read that Gallen is cleared wouldve been heard at Sydney. Go Gallen you hero.
As per usual, NSW Match Review has the fix in.
So apparently Jennings has been dropped to NSW Cup. Great signs for NSW.
Lol, whut? I thought he was injured. Surely, it's not form related because he was going allright.
Probably something to do with an indiscretion committed on Anzac Day.
Panthers on Twitter announced that Jennings trained with the first grade side.
So apparently Jennings has been dropped to NSW Cup. Great signs for NSW.

Perhaps he is preparing for a move to Parramatta - and he knows this is how to impress Kearney :)
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