Oates tells Bennett he wants to play in the forwards

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by theshed, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Unless Pearson or Issako gun it, but that is an unknown at this stage.
  2. Actually compared to Moga who copped it on a daily basis, Mead has came off pretty damn lightly for a player of his supposed calibre and that is despite an expectation he would be be at least pushing for a spot in the regular 17 which he couldn't do.

    At present he might get a run at a few lesser teams but I doubt very much he would be a starter for the majority of contenders for a top eight finish, I'm not surprised about the talk of him heading to the superleague and I doubt the Broncos would even put up a fight over it.
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  3. Alec

    Alec State of Origin Captain

    We haven't had any other good wingers since 2011.... and we are still short on depth. I can see Oates thinking "What the fuck are they doing about it?"
  4. talanoa

    talanoa NRL Player

    i agree.
    oates was near unstoppable in the back row in the 20's, so i am comfortable he will handle it. yep i know its a big difference to nrl but lets go back a few years when hook used to bring oates into the second row late in games. he was running off hunt a bit and was causing all sorts of damage.
    at the moment he virtually is a back rower anyway with the hard yards carries he does coming out of his own half.
    i honestly think he could be an origin back rower.
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  5. Mr Fourex

    Mr Fourex NRL Captain

    Can his body handle it though...?

    He's suffered a lot of injury on the wing........call me crazy, but playing backrow isn't going to get any softer.
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  6. Hows the additional defensive work going to work out for him as well? Starter or bench your going to be making tackles that have a harder impact on the body more regular then he would be out on the wing. Who is going to replace him? and what does that mean for the team balance as a whole especially in the backline.
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  7. Mr Fourex

    Mr Fourex NRL Captain

    If it were a natural progression...and or the team (coaches) decided that's the best option for him, fair enough.

    But if Oates is going to force the issue and it's not for the betterment of the team, then he's being a dickhead AFAIC.
  8. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Player

    Oates sees himself as a forward so its natural he wants to play there. IF he doesnt get the chance and he isnt happy as a winger, this will be his final season with us imo.
  9. heartly87

    heartly87 QCup Player

    I say give the kid a shot. Even off the bench. He is a different shape, something we lack in the 2nd row is height. He cops hits from the wing on return sets. The kid can cop it on middle edge. I think he could be used like Carlaw for sure.
  10. Now that's something to aspire to :lostit:
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  11. I want to be just like Jane Carlaw.
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  12. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    I completely understand where Oates is coming from. He aspires to be on the big biscuits that are out there and he wont get them playing on the wing. He has to make the Broncos know he isn't happy playing on the wing.
  13. Tom

    Tom NRL Player

    I'd be fucking filthy if I were playing outside Moga for a season too. He hardly saw the ball unless it was a cutout pass. He might enjoy it more playing outside Bird or Jimmy.
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  14. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    It's not about that. It's about money. You can command a lot more playing in the forwards than wing.
  15. If he wants to be on the big biscuits and remain at the Broncos, going into the forwards isn't going to get that, Bennett is well known to not be big on overpaying his forwards and given the backrower options available at the club at present, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised in response the club said well I wish you good luck elsewhere then.

    I'm not saying he can't have a desire to play in the forwards, but wanting to and realistically actually playing there, especially at your present club with considerable competition in those positions are two very different things.
  16. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    If he is thinking this way about money (completely understandable) he's a good chance of leaving then imo.
  17. Definitely and I wouldn't blame him if that is what he is after, sametime the Broncos aren't going to be held at gunpoint over it and nor should they.
  18. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    True. I respect Corey for pushing himself out of his comfort zone. Would be easy to collect an easyish living on the wing in the sense that that's his comfort zone at this point. But he has his goals and aspirations.
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  19. Caniffe

    Caniffe QCup Player

    Let him play Second Row. If it doesn’t work, he signs a five year contract on the wing and never complains again
  20. heartly87

    heartly87 QCup Player

    Haha I never said he should aspire to be like Carlaw. I said he could be used like he was early in his career, a big body out wide with a bit of pace, off the bench for impact. Carlaw I felt always played better out wide and was a poor middle forward. I don't see oats as a starting 2nd row at this time. Just my two cents.

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