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Re: Broncos Player Movements and Rumours 2013


FAMILY ties could deliver Anthony Milford to the Broncos next season, with Queensland's hottest teenage prospect weighing up his future in Canberra due to homesickness.

It is understood Milford will be a Bronco next year, but the move is contingent upon him activating a get-out clause relating to family illness.

Milford has been yearning for a return to family in Brisbane. Just turned 19, he has been homesick for some time, a feeling of isolation that intensified following his father Halo's heart attack 18 months ago.

As a result, a family-illness clause was inserted giving the Logan junior the ability to rescind his Canberra contract and return home if his father's welfare became a vexing issue.

The Raiders are doing everything possible to cater for Milford's needs, but it is increasingly likely the Queensland under-20s skipper will put family first.

Doing so would make him a free agent - and legitimately open the door for the Broncos.

Brisbane are interested in Milford but cannot formally enter negotiations without permission from the Raiders, who have secured Milford until the end of the 2014 season.

The signing of Milford - a fullback, five-eighth or halfback - would be a massive coup for the Broncos. He is a contender for the NRL's rookie-of-the-year gong and would give the Broncos backline the spark it desperately needs.

It is understood Milford would play halfback at Brisbane, with either Ben Hunt or possible Bulldogs recruit Ben Barba to wear the No. 6 jumper.

Milford's manager Sam Ayoub on Saturday night spoke of the youngster's private ordeal, but said no NRL rival had approached him.

"We have had no approaches from anybody and Anthony is focusing on his football at Canberra," Ayoub said.

"The only reality is the fact that over the last 18 months, Anthony has been homesick. At one stage last year, he was keen to pack up and head back home. He has since settled and is playing NRL.

"His dad has had health issues since his heart attack last year and I can understand why people might put two and two together."
This is for those who can't be stuffed with News+.
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Damn I hope this is true..and if we can get Barba as well..

1) Barba
6) Milford
7) Hunt
9) Macca
14) Baptiste/Granville

That spine behind our forward pack next year would be great.

Was hoping that it would be a definate signing though, I guess we're back to playing the waiting game.


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Would be amazing. If it ended up being between him and Barba, I'd choose him. 5 years younger, more talented (IMO), no emotional baggage and a really nice guy in general. Might even get his BFF Big Papa in the future!


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Re: Broncos Player Movements and Rumours 2013

I don't know. The way the story's written, Milford's looking extremely unlikely to stay in Canberra.

By the way, is Milford a Broncos junior, or just another Raider plucked from Logan?
I read an article a while back how he was never part of the Broncos system and how we missed out.


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Milford is a superstar in the making and only 19, it would be INCREDIBLE if we got him next year. OMG Please be true, I'm super excited for this.


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Can you guys even fathom the amazing plays that are going to happen if we get Milford and Barba, they're such similar players, both insanely skilled, both lightning fast, UHHHHHHHHH

1. Barba
6. Milford
7. Hunt




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Re: Broncos Player Movements and Rumours 2013

It would be HUGE. I just can't see Canberra letting it happen.
The Raiders may not be able to stop him leaving, the articles says he has a get out clause in his contract due to his fathers illness

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1. Ben Barba
2. Josh Hoffman
3. Alex Glenn
4. Justin Hodges
5. Jharal Yow Yeh
6. Anthony Milford
7. Ben Hunt

Depending on how an extended stay in the halves turns out for Hunt, that is a Premiership backline.
I honestly can't use the words I want to when I ask you why you think Glenn is a better option in the centres instead of Reed. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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