PRE-GAME [Round 12, 2023] Broncos vs Panthers

Broncos vs Panthers


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Going to be tough with Reyno and I imagine Patty will get minimum 10 weeks… you know because of “culture”… oh wait that’s the Rooster excuse. I mean coz he’s a Bronco.
If we play with the effort we played against Melbourne, we will win this.

These top teams from yesteryear aren't as good as they used to be.

Broncos 80 - Penrith 1
Can we get Smoothy in yet, or is that later in the year for players outside of the top 30 (I recall it being r12 in the past)?
Reyno will be in extreme doubt, so Madden likely in.
I thought I heard that there was no serious injury and he passed his HIA? He stayed off because his neck was hurting which he's been managing since last year.
I think he'd be 50/50 for it
We'll be missing Reyno and Carrigan so we're up shit creek. Exactly what we needed going into Origin season...
If he feels good during the week, play him.
Big game, we need all hands on deck!
As stated before. Carrigan’S bullshit sin bin WAS NOT A HIP DROP. Can’t miss time for that, no way.
A grade 1 is only a fine... can't see how Carrigan cops a grade 2... other than the jersey he wears
Even a grade 1 should be challenged on principle. Absolutely nothing wrong with the tackle and honestly, I'd love to see players get bans for diving and yes, I know it won't happen.
No Reynolds or Carrigan lol

We're gonna get pumped. Penrith will absolutely be looking to put one over us for Round 1.
Hopefully JWH takes out a few Penrith players tomorrow night.
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