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    The basic impression I get from Seibold is that he values his senior players, so guys like Darius Boyd and Andrew McCullough will be shown more leeway than fans will like. I don't think that same patience extends to the halves and while he'll give Kodi a month, if the Broncos are still struggling, he'll bring in Sean O'Sullivan. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if in Round 5 we see Seibold select O'Sullivan off the bench if the side is struggling. New coaches are typically less stubborn with their side and usually like to experiment with the 17. Even Wayne was like that in 2015 and wasn't afraid to rotate his bench just to get a feel for the squad in game day situations.

    At best I see O'Sullivan as a solid alternative, but I don't think he's the type of half the fans want. The closest thing the Broncos have to that vision right now is Tanah Boyd and he's still acclimitising to the Queensland Cup and won't be available until the Sharks game in Round 16. Brisbane could of course upgrade him, but I don't see that happening and believe that Turpin and Dearden will be the players to come in the Broncos Top 30.
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    What's the point of having Dearden in the squad if we supposedly have no intention of playing him until after mid year (St the earliest)?
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    I love how we kept Vunivalu out of the game. We need to do the same to the Cowboys and only kick to Bowen in the far right side when we are in their half. We rag-dolled Addo-Car and because of the back three's positioning, it's not practical for the opposite winger to come across for plays 2 and 3.

    We put a dent in their set each time we kicked to Addo-Carr. Let's do it with Bowen and then smash Opacic and Kahu on 2. Keep Nene out of it.
    He hasn't even been playing in state comps at any level, I think he might be on a pretty big bulk up regime and I'd say he'll debut before years end. Browns 18 and been thrust into the starting 5/8 position for Eels, Dearden is the future.
  3. The Broncos view Dearden as the future halfback of the squad and want to fast-track his development as quickly as possible. I was surprised the Broncos gave him a brief sabbatical, especially when his contemporaries played NRL level trials and backed up in the NSW Cup.

    The Broncos are treating his development extremely seriously, and I haven't seen anything like it since the Cowboys took Ponga under their wing. Before Ponga, it was probably a tie between Manly and Will Hopoate who was on ridiculous Benji Marshall levels of money and Boyd Cornder from Sydney who signed for first grade money off his Harold Matts form.
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    What about the others, Boyd and paix ?
  5. They have been playing Q Cup at 7 for our affiliate clubs. Paix has been impressive, but Dearden had obviously been identified as the one furtherest along and he'll leapfrog O'Sullivan imo.

    Hurts that it might not be til junior reps that we see him, could be the club hiding him too until we lock him up.
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    Was he the NSW halfback when he got punted for Cronk at the Roosters?
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    Brisbane nullifed both wingers pretty well I thought. The battle was well and truly lost in the middle and the halves. I was constantly shaking my head at why Milf and KNik didn't try a kick for Oates a few more times or tried cutting out Bird. Vunivalu came up some really good try savers a number of times on Bird because that play was pretty predictable. He kept leaving Oates free if they could only get the ball to him somehow. They tried the kick once from memory and it bounced too quickly out for Oates to get there but i was surprised they didn't try that a few more times as they made it pretty easy for Vunivalu to make the choice.
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    Bird did bomb an overlap too. Milf gave him the ball and he only had to barely draw and pass Vuni and we were away but he cut back in and Milf blew up immediately.

    Outside that and his early error, I’ll concede Bird played alright. He’s finding his feet again, but he does need it to happen quickly because if there’s one thing this team can’t afford, it’s him **** up and denying Oates the ball.
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    I just saw the video preview of this game on ... i'm thinking it would be a good idea for Soward to actually watch our round 1 game before commenting on it ...

    talking about TPJ, he said that he struggled to get into the game from the bench ... if 19 runs for 150m and 21 tackles is struggling to get into the game, then watch out when TPJ actually does "find" a way to get into games
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  10. Dropping and moving on representative players are two different things.
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    Everyone just expects tpj to break the line and offload for every run he makes.
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    I see what you are saying with the halves and for the most part agree, but after watching the game again I think that it is being understated how little field position we had and how few times we were in the opposition 20.

    I had the same thought as you watching the game thinking why aren’t they doing attacking kicks etc. but the truth is they were barely in a position to do them. Not that I am excusing them because there were times that that option was available but those times were far less than what I think is realised.

    All the commentators are talking about our halves but at this stage I am far more concerned about our forwards. When you consider the investment we have in this supposedly amazing forward pack, they way the Storm forwards destroyed them with relative ease is very concerning.
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    Thank you.
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    Jimmy is cleared to play.
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    All the commentators are talking about our halves but at this stage I am far more concerned about our forwards. When you consider the investment we have in this supposedly amazing forward pack, they way the Storm forwards destroyed them with relative ease is very concerning.[/QUOTE]

    This is simply not true. The forwards actually put up a good fight against Melbourne. Melbourne had a far superior kicking game, which gave their forwards a rest when needed and not to mention better field position. Broncos forwards were always under pressure defensively and it is hard to continue to defend in dangerous territory for long periods at a time and then be asked to run out of your own danger zone when you do get to attack. Fatigue had a lot to do with our lack of attack. Defensively the forwards did a job the best they could. The tries were not from steam rolling up the park through the forwards, besides Bromwich’s try at the end. Two of Melbourne’s tries were quite lucky (as was one of ours). It’s a team effort. What the halves do affects the forwards and vice versa. Melbourne did win the wrestle though and that is one thing that shows up in a youthful forward pack.
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  16. Would a 0-8 start, test the leeway of the board (re Seibold).
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    I never mentioned the forwards defence and was quite clearly talking about the lack of go forward.
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    Lodge is one of our best forwards, Haas has played 20 minutes of first grade. A bench player at the most and certainly not one of our best players. Lodge is the loss here not Haas.

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