PRE-GAME Round 20 - Broncos vs Storm


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You might be able to answer me this but do you know why Coates is playing for a Titans feeder club rather than a Broncos one? I know he is a Tweed junior but I would have thought he would be playing for Wynnum or someone by now, now that he is in our system
He is a coast kid and just has stayed there. It's a welfare thing he doesn't need to move. I suspect two things, it would only take the Titans to say bugger him off and they would have to and at the end of the year I'd say he will move. Similar to Sam Walker who didn't have a contract but if he did you wouldn't move him from the Jets and his dad and uncle.

Coates was still playing MM at the start of the year so wasn't a great case to move him yet.


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The downside to having players with that type of aggression is that they are toeing the line so often that sometimes they get it wrong. It's just one of the things you have to accept when you want aggressive forwards in your side.

People have been calling for an enforcer for years, we now have one and he should not change one bit.
I'm thinking he should change a little bit.

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