PRE-GAME Round 21 - Cowboys vs Broncos

Big Pete

International Captain
If I’m not wrong Turps and another young player (Coates I think), are living at Macca’s house.
It's Dearden and Coates.



Pub Steak

QCup Player
But it is not 1 loss is it? It's been a season where players have shown a consistent lack of discipline to the basic skills of the game. We have senior players crumbling under pressure and club stalwarts failing to offer resistance when put under pressure. We have junior players entrenched in an under performing team with little threat of competition.
It is a recipe for the kind of mediocrity we have seen all season. We do little more than hope a rookie becomes an overnight sensation and saves the rest. Where is a strategy for this team and what is going to drive improvement?
There should be some kind strategy driving this team and players should be buying into it, but how can they if the skills to enact it are beyond them and there is no pressure to give the attention to detail required to perform the?
It is one thing to be beaten by a better team on the day but they have more often than not collapsed after conceding multiple tries. They have consistently failed to absorb opponents' pressure and more often than not not gone for a low percentage, all or nothing play that has dug them desperate.
I see your point but we strung some wins together before the Melbourne loss and we did it be maintaining some consistency in the team. And yes, playing crappier teams. But all the things you've mentioned we aren't getting right are usually a symptom of inexperience and lack of combinations, especially defensive ones. I don't agree with some of the players in the team playing but at the same time I'd like to see some positional consistency to allow those defensive combinations to form. It would greatly help the more inexperienced players in the team to trust the guy on their outside. There was one instance against melb where Fifita staggs and Isaako all tried to tackle addo-car. He threw it back inside to an unmarked man. That was a new defensive combo. It will take more than a season to build resilience and the kind of culture where the players can absorb then turn around pressure. New coach, new players and old players in new positions. It sucks to be patient but it will take time.


International Rep
Siebold needs to bite the bullet and move Milford back to 5/8 and put Boyd at fullback purely because we need a half. Turpin just hasn’t got a kicking game and we are in desperate need at the moment for one
so your saying Milf can't kick while playing fullback.

Milf needs to take more 5th tackle options instead of relying on Turpin for these... he can do that while playing fullback just as easily as he can from 5/8


NRL Player
It's funny all the hate for Shiba , I just don't get it .
He has played some good footy this year and some not so good. The one thing that is hindering him is lack of experience (like most of his teammates). They are hard markers here on BHQ and most haven't forgiven him for failing to pick up that ball with the line wide open vs. the Roosters in Rd 4.


International Rep
Shiba is still a more experienced player than Coates & Farnworth.

It's understandable that Seibold would feel more comfortable with him there than one of the rookies who can't make a defensive read to save their life.

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