NRLW POST GAME Round 8 - Broncos vs Tigers

Nah, she just managed to stay in.

We're not winning this. Absolute shocker.
I’d like to see a replay of when she passed, but they shouldn’t have had the ball from the non-penalty penalty before that
Nice try from the "new recruit from the Titans" (who played for us last year as well).
And now we're back in it. That was a great run from Mele
**** it. The ball didn't touch the tigers player though, the arm carrying it was.
Think Brill was offside
Wasn't Mattick put onside by Brigginshaw?
Destiny is costing us this game at the moment
Brill has been absolutely fucked today.
At least that one wasn’t dropped
Some redemption there, Chelsea dragging the defenders around and getting the PTB off with some big gaps in the line set that try up.

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