NRLW POST GAME Round 8 - Broncos vs Tigers

Not sure what Ali was thinking earlier on in the set, looks like we had them shot for numbers out on the right and she goes back in?
That should be the match winner from Shenae
Show us a replay Nein you *****
Where was the knock on?
Let's just give the Tigers the chance to win this.
This ref is fucked. With a name like Darien sounds like his parents hate him as much as I do.
Jeez how was she not binned
Oh so now Nein show a replay
Made it hard for ourselves but we still got the W.
This broncos stress is brutal
Should have had that game wrapped up long before the first half finished.

Sort it out Scott. The discipline at times this season has been rubbish.
I hope the girls realise how lucky they were

Been a big week, but they need to switch on for the rest of the season
Treacherous Taz in the background of that interview. Go the Knights!

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