POST GAME Round 8 - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Foordy, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    I thought we had it at halftime. Had it all over them in the last ten minutes of the half
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  2. When he came to the club he was given one simple job. Just be a running half.

    Now that Hunt is leaving, more responsibility is being put on him and it's going to take him time to learn it.
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  3. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    Unfortunately Mead has had two shockers out of four games if you include the world club challenge. He is too big a liability to be picked again
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  4. I'm predicting calls for royal commission into the refs tonight.
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  5. Mitch06

    Mitch06 NRL Player

    Burgess's shoulder charge on Milford was filthy. What an idiot, surely he can't get out of that one.

    Jo -O looked alright.
  6. PerthBrissy987

    PerthBrissy987 NRL Player

    release mead to warrington
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  7. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Do we have confirmation how long Hunt is out for? Had to laugh at all the ch9 commentators who saw absolutely nothing wrong with Sam Burgesses' shoulder charge to Milf's head. Also did Oates really lose that ball into the opposition? I only saw one quick replay and it looked like it only hit his own arm.
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  8. He won't get out of that one.

    The difference with that one is that he ran into it. He wasn't standing his ground and bracing, he literally ran towards Milford and led in with the shoulder with no attempt at wrapping the arms around and it was late.

    It's 100% guaranteed he won't get away with it.

    And the fact that he had only just come back from suspension not long ago, he will be out for about 3-4 weeks I think.
  9. pagey

    pagey NRL Player

    I understand this . But he did play for new Zealand at half, 3 or more games . He shouldn't have to organize anyways, he needs to run .
  10. It hit Hunt before he could re-gather it.

    Fair call.
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  11. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Mead was shit, glad he was hooked. I guess Pearson will be hooked next week based on what's been happening lol.

    The opposition #4 was abysmal in defence. It's a shame we had Moga there, someone better would have won us the game earlier.

    McCullough's final pass for Milford was disgusting. So glad the refs missed the knock on.

    Kodi needs to get involved more. He looks good with the ball, he just doesn't have enough of it.

    But I'm just happy to get the win, with the refs on our side.
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  12. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    diabolical from all involved tonight. Pearson needs to be the next drop winger. Souths unlucky, but it's Souths so eh.

    Kodi's kicking needs work obviously, but his passing + running is helping Gillett/ Roberts massively.

    It's hard against a team of giant Burgii, but our forwards never really got us going too often. Blair + Sims are great at what they do, but we missed Pangai's strength in metres. While Glenn had his best game in a while, it wasn't enough and Ese'Ese can't do it by himself. I didn't really notice Jo aside from 2 or 3 decent runs.

    Moga went ok, but he still has no idea in attack. He looked surprised when he ran into space before getting held up.

    Milford was good, but he needed more help from Kodi, but that'll come hopefully.

    For the most part, a very forgettable match. We got 2 points away. That's all that matters
  13. jd87

    jd87 NRL Player

    man some ppl saying we look lost without hunt. are u all fogetting the first few games with him..... we loooked absolutly no differant go back and watcht he games. i actually think milf looked alot better without hunt there sure hes a little rough with some decisions but he put in some nice kicks and passes.......

    we look lost now in attack just as much as we do with hunt in it.. i have no idea if some of you watch a differant game or what.
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  14. Socnorb

    Socnorb NRL Captain

    I can understand the eye fatigue from the members here , but we came from behind twice to win a tight one. Souths momentum in the second half was huge . They are positive signs .
  15. Broncos Maestro

    Broncos Maestro NYC Player

    True but the idea is to stay in front and continually smash the other team. Need to be more ruthless!!
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  16. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    On the up side, class work from Boyd and Oates. Real captain's knock from Darius, he stands tall when we need him.
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  17. Waynesaurus

    Waynesaurus QCup Player

    The refereeing of the ruck tonight was non-existent. Souths got away with holding us down for a decade and it suited them.
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  18. Broncos Maestro

    Broncos Maestro NYC Player

    And that's why everyone was throwing forward passes from dummy half!
  19. As I said in the pre-game thread, the Rabbitohs are a better side than what their record suggests. Their record would be better if more of their passes stuck and they didn't play so predictable.

    Tonight, they showed they are a better side than what people give them credit for. If they had Reynolds, I daresay they win tonight.
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  20. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    Was I the only one who thought Roberts looked dangerous every time he touched the ball, Great Signs

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