NRLW POST GAME Round 9 - Broncos vs Dragons



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Mar 4, 2008
Saturday 3:15pm, Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah

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Netta Nu’uausala took the two weeks for the hip drop on Togatuki, so we won’t see her again unless we manage to get to the grand final

Clark took the fine so we have at least one other prop than Duzzi. I’m not expecting a lot from Lafaele as it’s her debut season and hasn’t played much

The bench is still a worry, because while you can chuck Fogavini anywhere and she’ll go well, we’re missing size.

Orchard has been named but it’s hard to know if these players are named just for the sake of naming a 22

You could play Clark and Duzzi for long minutes but I worry that either will do something like get binned as they’re both prone to Flegler treatment, rightly or wrongly

Good to see Gayle and Lavinia back this week (but at the expense of Jada unfortunately)
Interesting that Gould is back, I thought she was taking indefinite leave.

Good to see Broughton back. We really missed her against the Tigers, our left side attack just looked lost.

This is a very winnable game, but it's also a game we can lose quite easily. We have to win to seal our fate, otherwise we'll have a nervous wait on our hands.

I think if we shut down Berry, that'll go a long way towards us winning the game.
Scott Prince has confirmed his side for tonight's match against the Dragons.

Good start from the Dargs haha
What the **** was that?
Why do I feel like we’ll make this game 100x harder than it needs to be

Great pass from Gray
Good work.

About time we attacked down that left side. Kept going up the middle or right.
We desperately DESPERATELY need a goal kicker.
Great set after points, rubbish kick.
Another traitor scores against us
It's definitely going to be one of those games where we make life a lot harder for ourselves.

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