[Rumour] Chris Sandow ---> Broncos

Discussion in 'The Rumour Mill' started by noisetheory, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Good to see you're feeling better buddy.
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  2. Wayne Bennett has already publicly ruled out Todd Carney.
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  3. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    He will be 29 in January, and he still doesnt get it. What makes you think he is ever going to? He is like a shorter, fatter Dave Taylor. Bags of ability, no application. Even Bennett couldnt get Taylor going, so i'd say he also has no chance with Sandow.
  4. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    I remember him getting stood down for missing training sessions. The bloke just isnt professional.
  5. Bennett has ruled out quite a few players, and then ended up signing them.
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  6. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Remember when we had no interest in James Roberts?
  7. If there's one thing I have faith in when it comes to Wayne, is his ability to get players to focus and be the best professionals they can be. If anyone would be able to get the best out of Sandow, it would be Bennett.

    However, he competes with David Taylor in the amount of talent going to waste, and in both cases, I think attitude is only part of the problem... the rest may just be not much to work with in terms of IQ.
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  8. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    DT just has the brain of a half instead of a forward. I think the attitude is a byproduct of that.
  9. Sproj


    Sandra is definitely a good option IF and only if he is the back up half on a base wage. Any other deal is not worth even considering.
  10. Not sure she agrees...

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  11. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Great player? Sandow at his best wasn't even particularly good IMO. Don't see how he could in any way be an upgrade over Nikorima.
  12. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

  13. The one thing highlights videos don't show are the bad bits.

    And in Sandow's case, there are A LOT of them.
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  14. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    Yea why would we want anyone with a kicking game like that it wouldn’t make sense.
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  15. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Mate that highlights package is over a long space of time for a reason, they are generally few and far between.
  16. Old Mate

    Old Mate NRL Player

    Sandow is absolute trash. Dumbest player out.
  17. Mitchell_Broncos

    Mitchell_Broncos NRL Player

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  18. Mitchell_Broncos

    Mitchell_Broncos NRL Player


    Dont need his off field issues as well
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  19. Don't let the highlight reels fool you. As I said before, they don't show the bad bits.

    His kicking game is a lot like Hunt's, sometimes good but mostly bad and just hurts the team he is playing on.

    For a full picture on just how erratic and terrible Sandow is the vast majority of the time, watch the whole games instead of the highlights.

    Not even Bennett can save Sandow. He has showed this season he still has a piss poor attitude. Couldn't even get through a whole season in the QLD Cup.
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  20. Thelmus

    Thelmus QCup Player

    Unless he's been a great player, or going to be, there's no point in signing them. Stick with knik or someone else who can develop in the role. Hopefully some of our young halves show something next year.

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