Should the Broncos make a play for Benji Marshall?

The Strapper

QCup Player
Has to be a no from me.
If we got him (and that’s highly unlikely) it would be seen as a vote of no confidence in dearden and he would almost certainly walk.
Bennji was ok while he was here but in this case we have to move on.


BRL Player
If he was fully retired and came with Farah as assistant coaches for two of our biggest deficiencies YES, as a player, NO.
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Super Freak

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I honestly cannot believe there are people calling for Marshall.

He didn’t work out the last time around, and he isn’t going to work out this time around. Not only that but he is going to want more money than what we offered him last time. Because that’s the reason why he left in the first place. Which makes it a ridiculous option.


BRL Player
So that's what we've become ,WTF are we ,a bottom feeding late career reject shop club with no coach , hunting the spoon . The culture built up over years of fine football , has diminished to this ?. It's just an observation but it seems the business side of this club has outweighed the football side for quite a time now . One should have been strengthening the other I would have thought. .We can't keep sending in boys to do a mans job without the experience to guide them ,albiet some of these young players are just sensational. The salary cap is choked with underperformers and a genuine rebuild should have come post 2019. The new broom sweeps clean , it's never to late. It just needs the will and foresight , a structure perhaps like was pointed out to me ( thanks BroncosFan ) similar to the Melbourne based model. Is this club in a downward spiral?.


NRL Player
Sunshine Coast
Haven't seen Benji play this season, but I'd love to see him involved in our team in some capacity. It's hard to imagine he'd be any worse than Milford. And could do a lot worse for an assistant coach.


BRL Player
He is much better than the current trash 5/8 who is gracing our team week in week out
5/8 is not the problem it's the forward pack being dominated. I remember a few years back in an origin when the QLD forwards got dominated and Thurston couldn't do anything except get smashed.

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