Smith Calls for Storm Premierships to be Reinstated

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by Eta Carinae, Mar 8, 2019.

    How did they manage that feat? What was the method? Curious.
  1. broncos4life

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    This has been discussed so many times.

    They set up a seperate company to arrange third parties for their players to circumvent the salary cap (this is illegal and cheating)

    The didn’t actually go over the cap in 2016 because those third parties that they illegally arranged did not actually get paid. So when added up they didn’t go over the cap.

    Essentially they systematically rotted the cap but fortunately for them the fucked it up.
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  2. Ok. Thankyou. How much were they under and how much would they have been over had the arrangement been fulfilled?
  3. Old Mate

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    Had just seen the Kent and Buzz talk on it, Buzz is the biggest spud.
  4. In Kenty we trust!

    I feel dirty now
  5. Browny

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    Funny how times have changed, I remember on some footy show that didn’t last long Kenty stopped short of saying the Broncos were definitely cheating the cap to Webcke’s face. I thought Webbie was about to knuck him
  6. Yeah he seems more balanced these days

    I used to despise him but now he be a'right
  7. Eta Carinae

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    I believe the fact the NRL stated "they were not over the cap on GF day" was a pretty clear indication they were over the cap for at least some part of that season.

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