Smith Calls for Storm Premierships to be Reinstated

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by Eta Carinae, Mar 8, 2019.

    Want to make the NRL really inept? Have Donald Trump in charge, he would promise something that would never be possible and claim the AFL will pay it for us.
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  1. Sproj


    I don’t need to give proof, I’ve proven it to myself.

    But seriously, I don’t have proof. Just working on logic and the fact that I can’t accept that the Sharks could be over the cap the year after and before the premiership but not the year of, that’s my reasoning.

    Sitting the year out is purely connected to the peptide saga, I didn’t make that point clear, sorry.
  2. Battler

    Battler NRL Captain

    We're a public entity. I think we can all rest easy knowing that if we're cheating we're doing it 'legally' through loopholes. If we got done storm style the management would have more to lose.

    EDIT: This is a hypothetical, but say a mate of a rorters super fan who is not connected with the club hands a player, for example, 50,000 dollars that wouldn't be a breach of the cap as far as I can tell. That's the sort of thing that has been alleged against the Broncos in the past.
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    That has nothing to do with what I asked. I'm not talking about the Storm, I'm asking for some further reading about when the Broncos were over the cap by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  3. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    i've no doubt at some stage we were very creative with the cap, i mean, we know the thoroughbreds existed...

    i'm just of the opinion that we're entitled to tribalism, so of course **** the other teams, especially the ones caught

    it's only illegal if you get caught...
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  4. The reason why people are still suspicious about Cronulla is because Paul Kent went onto NRL 360 and revealed that the Sharks were still systematic cheating the third party agreements but happened to still be under-paying players. It'd be like Melbourne keeping a second set of books but still happened to be under the salary cap.

    It's like the thoroughbreds and the situation surrounding Andrew Gee. There's something rotten about it, but unless something else comes to light it appears the matter has been resolved.

    For the record, I will say I became suspicious of Cronulla book keeping when it came out what James Maloney was on. In a post DCE world, Maloney was being grossly underpaid. I wonder if there's a correlation between Maloney's early release and the unfulfilled TPAs?
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  5. It might seem logical but standing on a beach facing the sea might make one think the world is flat, it just seems logical. We know differently of course because we have all the relevant facts or have learned of them. The NRL found some breaches, much more than Cronulla expected and if there was evidence they were over the cap it would have surfaced. The peptide thing is old news and I don't believe it was for enhanced performance rather it was for enhanced (shortened) recovery times. It was 8 years ago.
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  6. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    The issue is not the fact that they weren't over the cap in 2016, it is the fact that they set up a way to systematically rort the cap but because they weren't good enough to pull it off and the 3rd parties they arranged didn't come through they weren't over. It is still systematically cheating they just found a way to **** it up.
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  7. Weren't there issues with the Broncos in the post SL era? Players signed huge contracts to play for the Broncos in that competition but when the 2 became 1 again, those players still needed to be paid that value? Obviously we wouldn't have been the only teams effected by that. Memory is a little fuzzy.

    Apart from accusations from other fans and the occasional overspend (generally due to the 2nd tier cap or something), that's the only thing I can recall regarding us being over the cap.
  8. The Andrew Gee thing will always remain dodgy.

    We have absolutely been done before. I recall back years ago, we, and a few others, got done for something like $10-20k over.
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  9. Yeah the Andrew Gee thing is definitely dodgy but the only things I can recall are like you said. 10 and 20k here and there. Mostly to do with the 2nd tier.

    Do want clarification from someone about my SL memory though.
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  10. soup

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    Couldn’t care less what you think.
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  11. soup

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    Agree 100% and that’s what I meant.
  12. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    See Renegades response.
  13. Tom

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  14. Eta Carinae

    Eta Carinae NYC Player

    Maybe there were, maybe there weren't. We were never caught so who can say? Well, who can say and is willing to say? Shonkies were caught. They should have the premiership stripped!
  15. Were they caught? Pretty sure the NRL said they were ok, on multiple occasions. Did you mean the peptides thing from 5 years prior?
  16. No argument here at all. Am interested to know if my memory is correct regarding the SL though.
  17. I feel sorry for the Storm about them losing their tainted salary cap cheating premierships, lets put them out of their misery tonight!
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  18. Eta Carinae

    Eta Carinae NYC Player

    Yes and no. Yes they were caught using banned PEDs a few years ago but no, that's not what I'm talking about. they were caught cheating the salary cap by a significant margin (i.e. not "a mistake" with a club going 10 or 20k over as they often do) in the year they won the premiership. IMO it should be stripped and IMO that is what Smith is subtly getting at when he called for the Storm premierships to be restored. He knows that won't happen and probably knows it shouldn't happen but believes the Shonkies should also be stripped of their premiership, just didn't feel confident or comfortable to state it openly.

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