State of Origin II - NSW v Queensland - Pre-Match Discussion

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Big Pete

International Captain
Apart from actually performing at club level. Taylor has been killing it this year while Gillett plays well in patches and then just misses tackles, drops balls, and goes for shoulder charges that never connect. Gillett was terrible for the last 2 years and is only now starting to pick his act up again.
Dave has improved but that's hardly surprising given that he was so terrible last year he was dropped to the bench and ultimately Queensland Cup.

Defensively he's been worse than Gillett. Makes less tackles and somehow his technique is even worse and easy to be exploited. Despite padding his stats with one good half of football against the Warriors (second half was terrible and every criticism ever made of Taylor came to life) he hasn't been as lethal as Gillett with the football and the only thing he's 'killed' is Titans scoring opportunities and given Cartwright is even worse at mapping an offensive plan than Griffin it's really telling.

Still a lot of footy left to be played but Gillett has clearly got him beat at this level.
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