State of Origin II - NSW v Queensland - Pre-Match Discussion

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Big Pete, May 30, 2014.

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    [MENTION=8536]Super Freak[/MENTION], your next task, should you accept it, is to put together a video of the above mentioned situations by me and Twiztid, just to clarify whether my maroon goggles are worse than his blue ones... :laugh:

    While you're at it, please add the above Gallen grub act at a proper speed and the Bird penalty at the end. Thanks! :wink:
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  1. What ego?

    The guy has coached this Maroons squad to 8 straight and you're going to put the boots into him because he didn't pick YOUR side? Jesus christ...

    Who are you referring to exactly?

    I agree that there are other players in the Maroons outfit who let the team down at pivotal moments but sadly Taylor has a history of this sort of thing and that play right there just about sums up every criticism made of him. It was a soft option at the wrong time when the team really needed him to run it.

    I thought Dave played OK until that point. Couple of anxious moments in the ruck, couple of good runs, couple of soft ones.

    I'm the opposite.

    I hope the Maroons fans get behind this Queensland team and remind NSW that they might have the shield but they're not the better Origin team and they're going to have a tough time defending it next year.

    We got to a pressure situation and just lacked the players we normally rely on in the clutch. Not really surprise the play broke down on the right as much as it did with the likes of DCE, McQueen and Taylor, our least experienced players in control out there.

    The Gillett knock on which looked pretty contentious hurt as well.

    I don't think he was.

    He was playing like Taylor, which got a lot of media attention but he still hadn't addressed his big problems and was always going to be a liability.

    He got his spot because the Maroons were desperate in the forward pack and needed to roll the dice on somebody, sadly Taylor once again reminded everyone why he wasn't rated in the first place.

    I feel for him but he isn't an Origin player.

    That's harsh.

    While Matty is one of those players who I think played his last game, before that passage in the second half, he was one of the better players on the park and was making some strong runs on the fringes.

    I think those loose carries will ultimately spell the end for him, with Smith giving him a spray after the second one but he did some good things too.

    Please don't.

    I'd say it was worse than their supposed controversial Origin I performance.

    Sadly it's yesterdays news really.

    As I said, it was more than just that, he made some pretty soft runs and his defence at times was a concern.

    Harsh on DCE and Lillyman.

    DCE came up with a couple of really good clearing kicks, the play towards the end of the first half was promising and I thought he had some nice touches through out. Considering his condition and the amount of times he was taken out late and excessively by the Blues defence when kicking the ball I thought he played OK.

    I thought Lillyman was one of our best off the bench. Just made some nice strong carries through the middle. Not flash but he allowed other players to come into the game more which we needed.

    I agree with the general sentiment but aside from his first kick I thought JT was one of the Maroons best tonight and everytime he ran the ball he troubled the Blues. Did very well to get the ball out at one point too which nearly set up a try for Tate.

    I don't think Hunt would have made a difference. He's still too raw.

    I was very proud of both. Two of the best players on the park.

    Such a shame Sammy dropped the ball over the line...correct call given the system but had the referee called try to begin with, would have been interesting...

    I agree but his preparation has hardly been ideal.

    No, DCE came up with some good plays despite his injury and being targetted excessively by the Blues defence.

    As I said, Hunt is still too raw for this level.

    Even Wally Lewis couldn't win all the time.

    JT was one of the better players on the field and while he couldn't find a way to break through it's pretty tough to single him or GI out.

    That can be the only logical conclusion.

    Still it took the referee an age to come up with that decision. It was a very sus penalty.

    While I think some members on here are being critical, I think you could be onto something with this.

    JT's not as elusive as he once was and all his other issues are coming to the fore here.

    Wasn't really a halves game but some of JT's lack of patience and lack of attention to detail has been exposed a bit.


    I don't think they attacked Dugan or Hoppa enough. The play should have been directed down that end with kicks going up at Hoppa who was playing with one arm at one point. It never went up though and we just kept going for Tupou down a slower edge.

    JT owes you a bitch slap.

    The only dynasty that would create is a Blues dynasty.

    Queensland are a loyal bunch and the likes of Slater/JT deserve more time in the Maroon. Neither of their replacements are better at this stage.
    Things tend to happen when you least expect them to.

    NSW best chance seemed like last year but I don't think the media realised how close NSW came to beating the streak last year minus Hayne, Gallen and co.

    With them back in the fold, they were always going to be tough to beat in Origin I and they proved it.

    Hodges strength is that he can be a very good ball-runner from dummy half and goes looking for the ball more than most backs tend to.

    GI transitioned to fullback on a few occasions but the Maroons couldn't get the ball to him.

    Pending on injury, I tend to agree.

    Review things next year, at this stage, the team is virtually settled.

    I couldn't believe this. All the players rushed in, clearly something was wrong with the tackle on first glance, the refs missed it and didn't even bother with the video.

    The slap was silly from JT but replays showed Scott had his hands around Smith's neck. Tell me which offence is more severe?

    Yeah probably but the referees aren't going to risk it when Queensland were going to get the ball back anyways.

    In that position though, Queensland would have taken the penalty everyday of the week. 6-0 HT, why not?


    That's a huge exageration. Not going to go over my opinion of Taylor again but read what you said. "One brain fade is bound to happen..." sorry but that doesn't fly at this level, especially the fades he comes up with and for what he's offering in return.

    Vautin didn't and hasn't commentated an Origin in a long time.

    Wally was the sole Queensland commentator and seemed pretty convinced it was a try. Gus kept talking over the top of him which really summed up the thought process behind the decision.
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  2. You've obviously got some agenda with Taylor, so it's pointless arguing with you. I will say that he only made one error, and as a team we made 10, in the short time he was on the field he comfortably made more metres than our other bench backrowers McQueen and Te'o, and with less touches of the ball.

    Take the mistake out of his game and it's a very solid performance in an otherwise abysmal team effort.


    And a bit off-topic, but Gillett missed NINE tackles.. good lord, someone get this kid a defensive coach, it's one of the only things stopping him from being an elite player.
    I shall do exactly that!
  3. What argument? You went from saying Taylor had a phenomenal performance to a "very solid performance". If anything you agree that phenomenal was an exaggeration, which it was...

    We must be looking at different stat. sheets. NRL Stats has the following...

    Dave Taylor 54m
    Chris McQueen 62m
    Ben Te'o 75m

    The Maroons made 10 mistakes, true, none of them was as stupid as the one Taylor forced on McQueen. Taylor was informed all week about his one job, his one responsibility to the team and when the going got tough, he took the soft option like he has time and time and time again in the Maroons jersey.

    If this was a one off, I would have given him a free pass but this is a common occurrence and has been the story of his Origin career.

    FWIW Gillett missed six tackles according to NRL stats, the same number as Guerra who appears to be getting a free ride from A LOT of fans. I thought he played worse than McQueen in Game least McQueen made a half-break.
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  4. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    if the refs had a clue and didn't think thaidays try was an obstruction firstly, do you think they would have even checked the try?
  5. Yep because the referee asked to check grounding.


    Its not about the number of missed tackles by gillett but how he misses them. Running out of the line to be a hero, leaving the line broken is far far worse than missing a tackle in the line. He did it in numerous occasions
  7. Getting my stats from, you'd think they would be reliable?..

    They say -

    Dave Taylor 67m
    Ben Te'o 54m
    Chris McQueen 36m

    Gillett 9 missed tackles
    Guerra 6 missed tackles
  8. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    I can't believe people are saying that should be gilletts last origin, but arguing Taylor was fine... And are then accusing others of agendas lol
  9. I probably should have been more clear. I was talking about the quality of the depth.

    We had the wood on them for a bit, but now they have the wood on us.

    Not in every position, but most of them.
  10. ?..

    Are you talking about me? Never said a bad word about Gillett, just said his tackling technique needs some work.


    Taylor's only mistake was passing to the wing when he thought a chance was on. McQueen, filling in for Tate wasn't there. It's as much mcqueens fault as Taylor's. Gillett made 2 huge mistakes, as well as rushing out of the line letting Hoffman get through, numerous times. It's unacceptable. He is a liability. He deserves to spend some time out of the qld team like Taylor did
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  12. Qlder88

    Qlder88 NYC Player

    I would like to thank the mastermind who made the one punch and you're off rule. If that didn't exist, I'd like to know how different the first half would have been. One punch up, send a couple guys off for 10, and I'd like to think they would've just gotten on with it instead of having the first half we did have
    Might not have changed anything though
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    I am trying to get an answer out of ANYONE that has anything to do with the nrl on twitter etc, but i am seriously lost as to why the Woods kick off thing was not over turned... when can the vid ref interevene. It seems like they have no idea. In the tigers game last week or the week before, he overruled a drop out decision, but then the next set couldnt do the same thing again. wtf
  14. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Or did NSW get the game going too quickly to have it overturned?
  15. FaceOfMutiny

    FaceOfMutiny NYC Player

    NSW were too good this year. I didn't agree with every decision but if I started to whine after a loss in the series I'd be as bad as some NSW supporters I know so I will just say 8 years in a row was a good run and it will probably never be topped. I would like to see some changes in game 3 just to blood some new players and to look towards the future(come on give Mcguire a shot Mal!).
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  16. Paul Gallen and David Smith have ruined SOO .....

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  17. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    I blame the refs for having no control in the first half. They let soo much go yet penalise a love tap just added to the frustration of both teams
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  18. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    I would not make too many changes for game 3 this year. McGuire in for Scott if injured or Taylor, and Parker in for Teo who is off to union next season. McQueen gets a stay of execution as he can cover some backline positions. I would also drop Gillet to the bench and have Thaiday on the right edge
    DCE needs to be fit and ready for training as there was no cohesion on his side of the field which i put down to him not training with the team
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