State of Origin II - NSW v Queensland - Pre-Match Discussion

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Big Pete, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    Well that was a stitch up, pure and simple. We always knew the referees have been trying their hardest lately to stop QLD winning, but we've always been good enough to get over it. Not last night, not with that heavily, that was beyond just biased, that was just straight up cheating.

    Firstly, the penalty count. 9-4 against us in a match where NSW literally did anything and everything they could to slow the play-the-ball down, took out our kicker a second or 2 late every single kick, and dropped more elbows on heads than a WWE wrestling match.

    Secondly, that no try to Thaiday. Hayne clearly knocked that ball out intentionally, which is a great play from him since it's fair play - but that makes it a loose ball and play on, and then thaiday grounds it cleanly over the try line..........why is that not a try again? You don't have to "regather control" of the ball before it hits the ground when the ball is stripped, only if you drop it. That literally cost us the game and the series.

    Thirdly, Woods' "chest of god". We all saw it. The video replay showed it without a shadow of a doubt. Instead of overturning the decision, which is fully within their powers and happens nearly every other week in the NRL, they carry on and march NSW down field 70m, the ball never to come back in NSW's half of the field. What should've been us attacking their line for the first time in the last 30 minutes turned to us defending our line for the last 7 minutes.

    It was just pathetic to see how much and how blatantly the refs were favouring NSW. Cheap shots let go, late shots let go, forward passes missed, penalties given for no particular reason, blatant tries disallowed......pathetic. The N(SW)RL should be ashamed. At this stage I don't even want to watch the third game, as a whitewash would be their ultimate goal and after last night I have no doubt they'll get it.

    On to other things, I can't believe people on here are lambasting Taylor and saying Gillett was great! Yes Taylor made one mistake, a mistake that was as much McQueens fault as his, but he was fantastic for the rest of his minutes. He hit the ball up with force and tackled well. People saying that was the turning point are forgetting that we had been defending for 20 minutes partly because of Gilletts not one but two knock ons. Gillett also kept bolting out of the line and just clean missing the ball carrier, time after time, allowing them to get an extra 20-30m up field. He'd miss, then go for it again the very next tackle! It was just stupid, stupid play by him - something we've unfortunately come to expect - yet he just keeps getting picked. BHQ being BHQ I guess, Gillett can do no wrong apparently.

    Inglis can just piss off if he's not going to try. Seriously, I'm sick of it. He should be having as much if not more impact as Hayne, yet he seems to just not care.

    Myles has been our player of the series by a country mile. What a champion. Him and Teo - who was also very good yet BHQ seem to think did nothing - are the only ones with a shred of aggression in our team. Every NSW player plays like they want to kill us, we play like we want to be their friends apart from Myles and Teo.

    Slater has been great even while playing injured. Should have shut his doubters up.

    Tate has to be the unluckiest guy in the world. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery, and would love to see him lace on the boots again next year, but I'd understand if he doesn't. Hats off to a great Origin career if that is his last game.

    Hodges had probably his best Origin, he was heavily involved. Was good to see.

    Thurston just hasn't really fired for 2-3 years now at Origin level. Maybe needs to be put on notice.
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  2. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    Gillett is yet to play a good Origin, and in this one he knocked on twice (compared to Taylors zero), missed a shitload of tackles, and gifted NSW attacking opportunities by charging out of the line and completely missing, leaving gaping holes.
  3. Foordy


    I can answer that ... because overturning the decision would have given QLD the ball back in good field position with a chance to win the game ... and we couldn't have that now, could we.

    If the situation was reversed and QLD touched the ball before it going dead, the video refs would have overturned the decision and given NSW the ball back
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    Nobody called Gillett's performance 'great' yet we've seen ratings of 'fantastic' and 'phenomenal' for Taylor's performance. If it was THAT good I'd love to see how much you guys thought of Lillyman's performance? Legendary? Classic?

    54m and the dumbest play of the game. It will go down with all the other 'fantastic' performances and will be remembered as fondly as Steve Price, Shane Webcke, Mat Scott and Petero Civoniceiva's stints.
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  4. Qlder88

    Qlder88 NYC Player

    As hard as it is to put aside the dodgy calls, I think last night proved that loyalty for the sake of loyalty is the worst way to pick a team. I understand that you shouldn't mess with something that's been working for 8 years but conversely, something that's been working for 8 years is only going to run out of steam eventually.
    Would love to see some newbies next game
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  5. teampjta

    teampjta NYC Player

    As much as like to blame the refs, forwards etc I blame DCE and management for not having balls to drop him

    You cant go into a decider with a one legged 7!
  6. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    If McQueen is in position where he should be if he was actually a winger it could've been the best play of the game. Let's also not forget that McQueen dropped the ball while picking up the wayward pass, the pass wasn't forward or hard to take.

    The dumbest play of the game was Gillett just constantly charging out of the line and constantly missing! Not once, not twice, but at least 5 times. It cost us so much field position it's not funny. He also knocked on twice.

    Taylor made 54m from half as many hitups as Gillett, and 54 is almost spot on half of the metres that gillett made. Gillett played way more minutes than Taylor, so don't try and say his running metres was bad. For the time he got he was as effective at gaining metres as Gillett. In fact, Gillett should've made more than 12 runs in all his time on the field.
  7. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    Really disappointed with a lot of the comments in this thread. The refs made poor calls both ways but they did slightly fall in nsw favour. Like it has many times before for QLD. Not to mention the only wrong call that directly effected the score board was bird getting penalised for having a foot on his neck (converted by thurston).

    At the end of the day QLD didn't score any tries and DCE let in the simplest of tries to hosgkinson.

    There's no arguing that the QLD team if the past 8 years has been the best assembled in RL history. But the bitter 8 in a row retort to the celebrating blues supporters is a cheap shot. This is sport, you're only as good as your last game (series) and NSW have been the better team this year.

    Inglis needs to play fullback, that's just a fact. Billy is still a great player but his attack has been weak for a couple years now. A roaming ingles would almost rival Haynes efforts (except Hayne plays every position at some point in the game and does a better job than the player who actually plays there)
  8. There were so many things wrong with the play.

    Dave was brought in as a prop forward and had one clear instruction, run the ball, don't be a five eigth and he went against that taking the safe option.

    McQueen isn't a winger, you know that, I know that, Dave Taylor who's played with him at both state and club should know that yet he decides to take it upon himself to try a play that was never on.

    And he could have seen that IF HE LOOKED! The bare basics and Taylor failed.

    Again, it'd be one thing if this was a one off but Dave has been a constant disappointment at Origin level and has done little at club level to warrant selection in the first place. All the criticisms were there - the soft runs, the bad defensive plays but the selectors got desperate and now he's played apart in ending the dynasty.

    But hey, you can think it's a solid performance, more power to you - but fantastic? Get some perspective and stop resorting to hyperbole because you're too lazy to mount a decent argument.
  9. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    McQueen dropped the ball over the line and delivered yet again another shithouse performance. His form doesn't warrant being selected for game 3. As for that **** imbecile Dave Taylor, the **** had one simple job, run up the middle and run **** hard. No instead he tries to force a silly **** offload in our territory which led to us not touching the ball for 7 sets. NSW scored off that to. Get the stamp out and stamp his file never to be selected again cause he just doesn't **** listen.
  10. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    If Mal selected Taylor to run up the middle, he's sillier than he looks. He won't run up the middle for the Tits, why would they expect him to do it in Origin?
  11. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    You just described Gillett as well, you do realise? Taylor has been in better form than Gillett this year as well.

    Calling Taylors pass the "soft option" is absolutely **** ridiculous and you know it. It wasn't soft, he was trying to get our freaking team an attacking opportunity, of which we had had none for a while. The play was on, no look and all, but McQueen wasn't where he should have been. I know he's not a winger, but when you're put on the wing you should stay on the wing. If he had stayed there he would've been streaking down the sideline untouched and we'd be praising Taylor for the pass.

    Like ivanhungryjak said, Taylor wasn't picked to be a no frills prop who is just supposed to hit it up in the middle. The fact that you think that was his only job shows how wrong you are.

    Oh and Gillett missed far more tackles than NRLStats says because they don't count charging out of the line and not even getting a hand on a player as a missed tackle. He was atrocious in defense.

    So Taylor caused Gillett to drop the ball twice within ~10 minutes?
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  12. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    The loss of Matt Scott killed us. He is our only prop who can make big strong runs through the middle. He won't be there for Origin 3 so I hope Mal brings in Lawerence or McGuire.
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  13. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    You are on a no win here AP. They showed Mal in the box when Taylor threw that pass and he was disgusted. No chance of another game
  14. You keep trying to turn this back on Gillett, like you actually think I give a damn if he keeps playing for Queensland or not?

    Gillett has Taylor beaten in every facet at club level. It's where both belong.
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  15. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    Apart from actually performing at club level. Taylor has been killing it this year while Gillett plays well in patches and then just misses tackles, drops balls, and goes for shoulder charges that never connect. Gillett was terrible for the last 2 years and is only now starting to pick his act up again.
  16. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    I'm not saying he should get another game though, so I'm not exactly losing am I?

    Like I said - the pass comes off and McQueen streaks away down the sideline and Taylors a hero.
  17. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    He forced a pass that simply was not on and at a crucial point in the game plus to rub it in, in our own half.
  18. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    If McGuire doesn't get picked now then Mals got rocks in his head. I would probably get hannant aswell into the side.
  19. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    The reality is Origin is not for DT. He can't play his natural game so he has no value to the team moving forward.
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