State of Origin III - Queensland vs NSW - Pre-Match Discussion

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Unbreakable, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Are you Scottish or a pirate? Both are cool.

    Let's all just hope none of our backs are injured because Michael Morgan could be our winger.
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  2. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain


    If this is the team for Game 1, 2015, it'll be Mal's last series.

    But the "Dynasty 8" should get the last say in a final last hurrah.

    Surely this is Hodgo's last game?
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  3. Foordy


    Shayne Hayne has been dropped from origin 3. But apparently not for performance according to Archer. Though he doesn't specify the reason if it's not performance based.

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  4. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    qld only have one hayne to contend with for game 3.
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  5. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Who's the worst ref in the NRL? Hayne, Cecchin or Badger?
  6. Badger or Maxwell.

    Klein is up there too. Really not a fan of his style and think he's too open minded. Biggest example I can remember was him going up-stairs for a penalty try for the Cowboys last year against the Broncos. Not only did he deny the Cowboys a golden opportunity as the due process allowed the Broncos line to be reset, but he lost complete control over the tackle count. I think the Cowboys ended up with an 8 tackle set...

    Then of course was his role in the ridiculous one punch your off fiasco. If he did his job the first time around, the game would be so much better for it.
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  7. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    If Hayne wasn't dropped for form, I wonder what he was dropped for...
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  8. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Winning the series
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  9. This... job was done!
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  10. vertigo

    vertigo NRL Captain

    Can both sides please put away the grub for once and throw the bloody football around.

    Series is over, at least make it entertaining for neutrals.
  11. I like what Queensland is doing in relation to bringing in a couple of young guys each camp to try and get them ready (Hunt, Milford, Morgan, McGuire), I think it'll prove beneficial in a couple of years time when they get their call up.
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  12. That's something that's bothered me lately...

    Did people forget how amazing Game I was?

    Sure, the result didn't go the Maroons way so automatically it's a crap game for Maroons fans but in terms of sheer quality, there weren't much better.

    And maybe it's the fact I've been watching a lot of 80s Rugby League lately where every ruck seems like a war, but the second game was fun to watch because there was a lot of emotion and a lot of factors to it. The only problem was, it felt like a game set up for the Maroons and a bunch of their players literally dropped the ball at the wrong time.

    If Queensland had have won, it would be remembered as this extremely brave victory where they had to contend with so many injuries and in the heart of NSW, it would be remembered fondly.

    Instead, it's remembered as the game NSW won and how they didn't care they did it, just the fact they won the series and that's disappointing. Sort of like the 2007 dead-rubber which should be remembered as a classic but instead is more of a hidden gem.
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  13. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    Dead rubbers should get a bit more credit but by and large they're largely forgotten. It's a real shame but it's true. Was 2007 the one we had all those injuries? It was a herculean effort by the Maroons to hang on as long as they did.

    2003 is another one. Queensland romped it home despite losing the first two games. For mine, it's up their with some of our greatest victories from the streak. It's largely forgotten though.
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  14. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    Will Chambers has been copping it for his selection. Does anyone rate him? I think he's a good player. I hope he goes well.

    It reminds me of 2006 with Adam Mogg. He wasn't really setting the world on fire for the Raiders. It prompted the NSW media to label him "Adam Who?". Mal thought his size and strength could be a real asset. The rest is history. He scored a double and made a fine debut.

    I hope Chambers goes all right.
  15. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    i don't think he'll let anyone down that's for sure. he has size and speed, not sure how he goes under the high ball though?

    I'm more worried that cronk is risking further injury by playing, i mean it's a dead rubber after all, there's not much for him to prove although i hope he orchestrates a flogging for the cocky blues. 30-0 would be sweet
  16. Mister Wright

    Mister Wright NRL Player

    As long as Cronk leads QLD to a massive victory he can break his arm again late in the game. Afterall, we do have to play Melbourne twice in our run home.
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  17. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    He hasn't been good this year at all. Previous years maybe, but he got in because I'm fairly sure the selectors only watched last weeks games this season.
  18. Ari Gold

    Ari Gold Master Baiter

    Maybe they watched our game against the Sharks too. If he truly was in contention leading into that game, Copley did everything possible to play himself out of it.
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  19. Yeah...I rate him. I rate him higher in the centres though. His defence, or his positioning in defence on the wing is suspect.

    TBH ....I would've preferred Willie Tonga on the wing. I think he has the same wing deficiencies, but his experience might have counted for something.
  20. uptheguts

    uptheguts QCup Player

    Anyone know who the video refs are? IMO they were crucial to the blues win in Sydney. If Luke Patten is one of them don't expect any decisions to go our way . I am still disgusted they gave this dude a game in game 2. How can we ever trust a game official who is on public record defending Galllens unprovoked assault on Myles last year. I would also keep a close watch on him for any bias in Bronocs games.All I want is for origin games to be refed in exactly the same way as the NRL. Just because it's origin doesn't mean facial massages and high shotts and swinging arms are an acceptable part of the game.How hard is for boneheads like Hayne to get that through their thick heads? I don't discount a conspiracy theory that the blues got a green light before game 2 to take extra time in the hold downs and to put plenty of niggle in.
    As for the actual game we should win if JT and Gi play to their potential. I don't mind giving Dave Taylor another shot to redeem himself. I have always liked Chambers as a player. He is one guy who can find his way to the try line .

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