NEWS TC Robati stood down. Sexual Assault Charge

The NRL has a bullshit policy about 1st recreational drug offence that it stays in house. How ASADA doesn't over rule the NRL in this department astounds me.

Players get heavy bans for performance enhancing, yet get sprung on Snapchat for racking up a line and its kept behind closed doors.

You could nearly write an a4 page list of the amount of times a 2nd and 3rd offence gets picked up and ignored with rec drugs.
Remember, it was only corn flour on the table with Munster and Smith.
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Maybe, it's hard to tell. Getting paid more while staying in SEQ is one thing, but having to live in Canberra is another level completely. It's so cold there water literally freezes in winter, the place is unfit for human habitation. I certainly wouldn't move there for a paltry 30% pay rise.
Hey don't knock Canberra! Greatest place ever to live!
Let’s see how DD deals with this one. Last month he came out in the media and told us there is nothing wrong with our culture. So let’s see how he is going to handle TC’s second charge in two months.
Cut him loose, we really don’t need these clowns at the club.
It shits me to tears to see such a talented youngster stuff up such a promising career at the Broncs.

I rate him highly and reckon with a strong minded coach in his ear he'll be quite the player.

I hope there is some way DD can find an avenue of redemption for him and make him the human he wants to be.

Could probaly start by giving him a free Uber/translink pass.
Yea they're all just jealous cause we have a Canberra day!

I used to always wonder about your strange, steadfast, hopeful optimism all last season ... now I know it's simply some desperate, trauma-induced coping mechanism that you've developed from living in such a horrible place
Hopefully we keep him around, he is going to be a really good player if he sorts his shit out.

I'd start him over either of our SR to be honest and he can play either side just as well.
I feel this I'd how the rest of Australia sees us...
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I drove through Canberra once, on my way to Cooma to visit family.

All I remember was how cold, grey and monotone it was.......and the literal shit tonne of dead wombats (roadkill) on the side of the road.
I actually thought Canberra itself is quite pretty. I wouldn't want to live there because it seems boring but doesn't change the fact it is pretty.
And from Oct, all the other drugs (in small amounts) are allowed too...

We're the drug, firework, roundabout, prostitute, politician Capital of Aus!
Every time a politicians kid gets done for something they make it legal to avoid a scandal
And from Oct, all the other drugs (in small amounts) are allowed too...

We're the drug, firework, roundabout, prostitute, politician Capital of Aus!
yeah the pollies love it , share the love i say.


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