-NEWS- The night before losing 58-0 to the Eels, the Broncos were … at the pub


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You are fucking kidding me! Doesn't matter if they weren't drunk and were behaving themselves or not, it is no way to prepare for an elimination final the next day! Unprofessional cunts! Should have known Milford would be amongst them. He should be setting an example and be ready to play the game of his life. Instead the **** is playing pokies at 11pm. The mind boggles thinking about these dickheads.

As much as I hate them, no way would you see the Storm or Chooks doing this before a final. It shows how far we have fallen behind those two teams doesn't it. Bellyache and Robinson would cut their balls off.

You can bet your life Parra weren't out on the town at 11pm playing pokies.
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Dazza 92

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what was that about culture..??? well....if that's the type of off-field leadership these guys are emanating to the young guys...

This has to be killed at the source; is it the senior players....or is it the coaching staff?

Forget Mad Monday....this is a trial


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I would not re-signing Oates and would be using this to get rid of Gillett, Macca and Milford, I hate that Haas and Fifita were there but they get a reprimand and another chance based on their performances and the fact that the fucksticks that are meant to be leaders are leading them astray.
They were hanging out with the leadership group.


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As long as they are not drinking I don't see the issue, it's not like they get up early, footy games are late.

Keep in mind they are away from Home, so unless you think they should be caged animals it's not like they can stay with their family.
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Come on Smokin Joe, what were you mentioning yesterday about the team/culture/values blah blah blah being "vastly superior" to what it was at the start of the season and previously under Bennett? Are you just another mouthpiece for the club cronies and paid to put out dribble to the fans, such as on here?

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