The simple trick that's turned the Broncos around

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by McHunt, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. McHunt

    McHunt NYC Player

    So truth be told: we don't have any evidence the Broncos have transformed. Our perception of the fall of Wayne Bennett and the rise of Seibold has been completely manufactured by their owners, News LTD, chiefly The Courier Mail.

    It's worked on me, anyway. I've never been more pumped for a new season at this time of the year.

    How about you?
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  2. Other teams HATE this new trick.
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  3. On a serious note, I'm super pumped for this year but it's not because of Seibold. WB has left us with an incredible roster, our young players all have a year more experience, Jack Bird will hopefully be a big contributor and Haas should ideally be on the field for more than 5 minutes.

    I'm excited to see how Seibold moulds this team too. I don't buy into the WB was a bad coach/over the hill/too old, and he had to go but irrespective of that, I rate Seibold really highly. I think he's the best young coach in the game so doing what we did, at least we made a good coaching appointment. If it was a Walters/Griffin style appointment, I'd have lost all enthusiasm for this year.
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  4. Morkel


    I wanna make the clickbait ad for this now.
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  5. Nearly perfect, you need to MASTER the alternating CAPITAL letters in every SENTENCE to emphasise EVERYTHING though.
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  6. If you reach international fame through this meme, just remember me, okay? And cut me in on any sponsorship deal.
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  7. Am pretty keen. Can't wait to see what AS brings to the team, and how they play for him. I also can't wait till football players have something to do again so they stop getting their dicks out.
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  8. Morkel


    You will for sure be the beautiful face of PwnMork Enterprises. I am just the weird guy out the back tinkering.
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  9. Morkel


    My offsider, who knows little about football ("Are Wendall Sailor and Wally Lewis still playing hur hur hur") asked me yesterday if I had to bet $1 million on a team to win the premiership, who would it be.

    Melbourne are shot without Slater, Smith looks gone.

    The Roosters won't go back-to-back because, like every other GF winning team, they won't have the hunger.

    Souths will be consistent with Bennett but not the best team with an injury-rattled and slowing Inglis, and I can't see the Burgii putting two good seasons in a row.

    Panthers have never convinced me.

    Sharks are another year older, which is now Very Old.

    Dragons, meh, they'll burn out again, or Norman will **** the balance up.

    I genuinely think Brisbane are the safest bet. Last year we were down in consistency and defence. Both are fixed by Gillett & Bird returning, and the young players all being one year older. We beat last year's premiers in both games.

    I'm keen too.
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  10. McHunt

    McHunt NYC Player

    Same here. But cast your memory back to this time last year. Remember who were unanimous favourites?

    The Cowboys...
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  11. They were up there, but I'd hardly call it unanimous since Sydney and Melbourne were also heavily favoured.
  12. For mine, the main reason for the cow's being favored last year was the swan song/fairy tale idea. The only real favorites 12 months ago were Storm & Chooks. Storms D will suffer enormously without Billy & I can't see the Chooks going back to back.
    If (big if) our new coaching methods, our D & our constancy click, we are red hot favorites.
    Genuinely excited about our prospects this year, more so than I have been in a looong time:aplastao:
  13. Battler

    Battler NRL Captain

    Our issue is making the top 4. We have the highest ceiling in the comp, last year showed us that, but we have to make the top 4 this year.

    The Storm will be crap at the back end of the year, but they'll get away with enough rubbish in the regular season (in terms of general play, like wrestling) to most likely make the top 4.

    The rorters will obviously be there but won't win it.

    Souths will probably be there, but I think they've lost a lot with Angus and AS gone; pretty much all their key players are injury prone too.

    Who knows about the Panthers, I think they're overrated but Cleary and Maloney (who is getting old and was showing his age last year) are a quality combo. The rest of their spine is crap.

    EDIT: I don't consider the Dragons a threat. Norman and Hunt as a halves combo... dios mio.
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  14. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    It's either us or Roosters imo. Make no mistake they are a chance of going b2b with Cooper Cronk still playing. Now Slater has retired curious to see how Smith goes as "the big 1", I don't think it'll float. Genuinely surprised the Roosters haven't bought a million a season player this off-season, though I suppose there is still time.
  15. Roosters are going to be **** tough to beat, even without the "hunger". Their roster top to bottom is arguably the strongest roster since the early 2000's Broncos.

    But I'm happy to go with us as well, we're young, we're revitalised, we're hungry.
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  16. JAHHW

    JAHHW QCup Player

    Our biggest hurdle this year will be between the ears.

    We have the players to win it, but if we get some really rough calls go against us, or injury strikes, there’s every chance we stink it up deluxe.

    Happy to be proven ridiculously wrong though!
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  17. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Possible lack of hunger would be the only thing stopping the Roosters going back to back IMO. I dunno if their squad is stronger, but it's definitely not weaker. Chrichton for Ferguson.

    The Broncos are pretty much an unknown force at this stage. We are all hoping they'll go well, but a new coach and a lot of experience gone means we just have to wait and see, probably until Origin is over.
  18. Agreed, we did beat them twice last year though...
  19. Morkel


    Well they bought a $750,000 player in Crighton. It was just signed enough in advance to not be a big talking point in the off-season.

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