Wake up and smell what's cooking: Controlled demolition


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May 6, 2021
Let’s talk the Broncos’ demise over the past two years.

The time comes when blaming incompetence becomes untenable. There comes a time when mounting evidence morphs into Captain Obvious that no one can be this incompetent and this unlucky without design.

We must stop fooling ourselves that the Broncos have just fallen on hard times because its their turn, or because their lazy, or because they are arrogant.

Vladys’ has said he believes a second Brisbane team would bring an extra $20 million into the NRL each year – royalties, ticket sales etc.

With links to the highly suspect sports betting industry, Vladys is connected and incentivised to ensure that any investment in a second Brisbane franchise is given every change of paying off. To achieve this, the Broncos must be weakened.

He’s had help in his mission.

There are PR companies today that specialise in strategically staging fake and manufactured “incidents” to appear that they “just happened”. They use tested and proven psychological tactics to manipulate the minds of people to think the way they want them to think (and from what I’ve seen of many Broncos fans – they’ve succeeded).

The line between journalism and PR is now non-existent – with journalists effortlessly moving between professions. Truth comes second to agenda in today’s media.

Take a read of this list, and tell me whether the demise of the Broncos which we have witnessed over the past two three years “just happened”:

It started with the complete farce of the contract negotiations of Wayne Bennett (together with his assistant coach as a succession plan). Could not have been handled worse – beyond incompetent and in hindsight a planned move

  • Why planned? It was crucial for the of the upcoming hatchet job to get rid of Bennett – someone who would stand up to the BS being handed-out, and because the public would never believe Bennett could coach a team to the wooden spoon
  • The ridiculousness of signing a virtual rookie coach, Seibold, to a five-year contract, which would ensure Seibold was financial incentivized to do a quick job of white-anting the club, so he can then enjoy a huge payout when sacked early
  • Seibold went from a wooden spoon coach to being employed by the NRL as a “tactics commentator”. If you can’t see a problem here … can’t help you.
  • Seibold last year banning all ex-players and “old boys” from responsibility within the club – effectively isolating the players from positive influences who would mentor the young players in club culture. The old boys would have also seen spoken out about the hatchet job
  • The six-again rule was rushed in during lockdown so no crowds would initially complain about the one-sided decisions which were designed to psychologically cripple the Broncos team during matches. Booing of decisions started when crowds came back
  • Six again rule is clearly a match-fixing device – no media scrutiny (though in the past they scrutinized every decision), no data published by the NRL, and even if data is published it means little because the effectiveness of the six-again rule as a match fixing device depends on when and where it is awarded (late in the tackle count, two/three in a row, either giving the opposition a ride up field, or forcing the Broncos to defend several sets on their line, preferably late in the first half when the team is tired or early in the second half to cripple psychologically)
  • With the banning of any comment about refereeing the NRL has effectively built a dictatorship, where referees are beyond criticism – very dangerous, and we are seeing the full effect of this unaccountability with the nonsense rulings we are seeing now – week-in week-out
  • The Broncos won the first two games of 2020, and have only won four games out of 20 since the rule’s introduction. Previous year the team won 11 out of 24 and one draw. Nothing significantly changed between 2019 and 2020 in terms of team
  • The media’s line that the Broncos failed to adopt to the “new rules” is based on zero observational evidence. There was no analysis of this suggestion, rather it was just trotted out as the reason for the team’s failure
  • Before some players were moved on (Nikorima, McCullough in particular) there were media campaigns attacking the players’ abilities. Next thing they are out the door, proving a very unhealthy relationship between the club and the media.
  • McCullough is an experienced player who was in a team of young players. Experience was very much missing from last year’s team – and McCullough has since gone on to perform well at two other clubs.
  • Key player Payne Haas was inexplicably sidelined for several weeks at the beginning of 2020 for effectively standing up for a mate. Go figure.
  • Potential match winner Pangai Jnr was unofficially suspended the remainder of the season last year for a supposed COVD breach and being deemed to be guilty by association (when was anyone suspended merely for visiting a barber shop because apparently it was owned by bikies?) – while other players in other clubs (Nathan Clearly for example) who did the same were either fined or suspended for a week or two
  • Bronco players were also targeted unfairly with heavy COVD breach fines over over $140,000 between 10 players, and it was later revealed they didn’t do as they were accused
  • It is my belief (can’t prove it), that Broncos players were subjected to greater lockdown rules than other clubs, as revealed by Alex Glenn who said he was even told not to spend time with his wife and children – putting them under great psychological pressure
  • Inexplicable team selections throughout the year – Darius Boyd continually picked despite being an obvious handicap. Milford continued to be picked despite no form and looking overweight
  • Seibold’s complete indifference during after-match interviews – giving no answers and showing no clue (then suddenly in 2021 he’s dissecting games for the NRL – particularly in defense)
  • The club letting match-winning players – Fifita, Walsh, Sam Walker, Coates – without a fight
  • The club calling Tom Deardon “the future around who we can build a club” and then within weeks, letting him go without a fight. Fans seem to forget his several good games he played and the promise he showed
  • Before signing Reynolds, no major signings to the club since Jack Bird. So we’ve let all these amazing young players go – for what reason? To hold which players? Staggs and who else?
  • The announcement of the NRL accepting proposals for a second Brisbane team the same day a story ran quoting Wally Lewis (the king) that the Broncos were no longer Queensland’s team – impossible coincidence.
  • The announcement of the Firehawks being accepted announced a few days after the worse match fixing exhibition ever seen – Manly v Broncos at Magic Round – the biggest fixture weekend of the year – impossible coincidence. Also sending a strong message that the Broncos were cooked.
  • The continual anti-Broncos media beat-up over the past two years – calling the team heartless and lazy, and the ridiculous call for Kevin Walters to put a pen through the playing roster – to solidify in the public’s minds that the Broncos demise is their own fault and not from external factors. Not even the Bulldogs cop this sort of criticism
  • Who can remember this headline June 30 last year: “Brisbane Broncos’ NRL struggles badly timed as league eyes expansion to 17th team
If you believe all this “just happened”, then you really need to wake up. The world is filled by some very bad people, who have a habit of rising to the top of organisations. Vlandys is such a person – showing his narcissism with the recent law changes, refusing to listen to anyone and creating an environment of fear and mistrust throughout the league.

I believe the players should have walked off the field in the Magic Round game such was the one-sided nature of the refereeing.

Many people don’t want to believe that such things can happen in the world today, wanting to live in a bubble where everything is rosey and everyone means well. Sorry – that’s not what the world is like.

People are capable of some very bad things, and organisations are filled with those who will cower and buckle to everything so they keep their precious jobs and reputation. Courage to stand up and speak out is almost gone in this world.

It’s time to smell what’s cooking at the Broncos and the NRL.


QCup Player
Feb 8, 2014
All that, but not a lot on Karl Morris and what news limited are looking to achieve.


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Nov 24, 2019
It's the bloody 5g towers. They started putting them up all over Brisbane 2 years ago.


The green highlighted zones indicate the "intensive areas"

As you can see from this map the area is absolutely riddled with 5g


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May 5, 2016
Is that the longest post we've ever had? Kudos man!

Gotta be a Morkel alt.

They might hate our guts and are incredibly self interested, but the NRL at least knows not to bite the hand that feeds it. If the Broncos die, the NRL dies. Even V'landal knows that much.

Our problems are entirely our own.

90% our own. 10% politics, it's all politics.


What, me worry?
Jul 7, 2013
I actually have it on good authority that Vlandys is a reptilian overlord assembling an army of skink soldiers within the sewers of Sydney and is looking to overthrow the Central Banking Systems of the US, Europe and Japan. The NRL is just a pawn in his ultimate plan of World domination.


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Forum Staff
Sep 6, 2013
I actually have it on good authority that Vlandys is a reptilian overlord assembling an army of skink soldiers within the sewers of Sydney and is looking to overthrow the Central Banking Systems of the US, Europe and Japan. The NRL is just a pawn in his ultimate plan of World domination.

Ahh so he WAS the villain in The Amazing Spiderman.


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Sep 27, 2016
Dude....you really need a girlfriend or a hobby of some sort. Even if all this were factual 😂, you needn't be so consumed by it.


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Mar 5, 2008
I thought I logged onto a site for reading books etc. Was going to post can I download the audio version.

IMO: The Broncos demise started after we lost the 2015 GF.
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