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    How does cheka get a pass for his losses when others before him have been hounded for far less. Mackenzie was white-anted out of the role. They play like jeckle and hyde, now. The skills and abilities are all there. Just not any lasting commitment. The real problem though is the collapse of the "home" states and the ability to draw from them to fill 4 teams of players. The ARU lost all perspective to what is needed to run the game in this country. I never played the game, but I know plenty that did. They are passionate about it. They also are committed to supporting them. I'd start with corporate boxes. expand their presence. Mention which junior club/schools the reps played for during telecast. Again, find a way to telecast the schoolboys' competitions and create a national one with a weekly wrap up on Sunday afternoon television and finals and commentry segments broadcast primetime. I'm always amazed at how little imagination, the managers of all sports in this country have.
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    Good points all of those but that said Cheika-cam in that last match was fun viewing.
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    I always laugh when I hear Union commentators lose their shit over a try.

    The Foley try in the first half, genia sold the dummy from the scrum, draw and pass to supporting runner, draw and pass to foley who scores.

    the union commentators: WHAT A TRY UNBELIEVABLE STUFF

    ...yeah, selling a dummy and drawing and passing, unbelievable skills.
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    What a heartbreaking loss. We bloody had them rattled with a massive lead and still couldn't get home. That kicking was unforgivable. Massive props to the ABs though, shows how good they really are, a step above!

    The saffers are going to be tough on their home pitch. Get ready for penalties from 50 out.
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