OPINION Who are the top 10 league coaches?

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Either Hasler is top 5 or Trent Barrett is shockingly bad (evidence from Penrith might suggest he's not).

My top 10 currently would be:-
1. Bellamy
2. Robinson
3. Hasler (who knows where they'd be if Turbo was fit and AFB played regularly)
4. Arthur
5. Flanagan
6. Cleary
7. Maguire
8. Holbrook
9. Stuart
10. Bennett

I think Fitzgibbon will crack the top 10 once he gets a head coach gig.


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I'd go something like this:

1. Robinson
2. Bellamy

3. Stuart
4. Cleary
5. Hasler

6. Bennett
7. Arthur

8. Holbrook
9. Payten
10. O'Brien
11. Maguire

12. Morris
13. Green
14. Barrett
15. Brown

16. Bulldogs Interim Coach
17. Dragons Interim Coach

18. Cowboys Interim Coach

19. Seibold


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Gold Coast
Nope ...

We'd need to appeal to his competitive side ... see if he wants a new challenge, this time working without his sombrero
Broncos fans: ARE YOU THE COACH?
Robinson: YES
Broncos Fan: Well listen to me MR BIGSHOT! If your looking for the type of fan who takes abuse and never sticks up for himself? WE ARE YOUR FANS! You can treat us like dirt and we will still kiss your butt and call it ice-cream! AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT WE CAN CHANGE!
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Brad Arthur has won about m the same amount as Anthony Griffin. Yes the Eels are travelling well, but he’s not won a thing yet. I’m a bit closed to all the praise he’s getting.

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