Who are you cheering on to the premiership?


BRL Player
Anyone other then the roosters, eels or panthers...

Souths would be good (mainly because I'm a fan of Bennett). Or raiders (because I live in canberra lol)


State of Origin Captain
Souths would be good so we can all say to white and Morris “that could’ve been us if you two cunts hadn’t fucked this club” as we are throwing them off a cliff.
I don’t think we need any more proof than what we already have. They have won more than 3 games this season. It’s already pretty obvious to most people that they made a huge mistake. It’s nice to be proven correct, but they’re still the Rabbitohs and I’d rather no team winning at all at this point.

+1 for covid incidence causing the cancellation of the season because **** them all.


NYC Player
Absolute fucking rubbish. As always, if that was TPJ, the NSWRL would sit him for two months.

Fucking over it. Hope the Raiders take it all from here. Can't believe I'm saying this but would love a coach that sticks it to the NRL like Sticky.
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