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Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by isaiah, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. isaiah

    isaiah BRL Player

    qrl site has team lists. Interesting like Payne haas on the Wynnum bench
  2. Spike

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    I can't see how the Hastings Deering Colts is going to improve from the NRL 20s system. Firstly you get to see only a single game whilst attending Suncorp. Gone are the days whereby you would see President Cup, Reserve and Firsts.
    Looking at the team list online, the Metropolitan Teams will be far to good for teams such as Capras and Mustangs.
    Finally who is Cory Paix playing for?
  3. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Paix and Fifita aren't playing Under 20's they're playing MM.

    Fifita for Souths and Paix for Norths.
    Hey guys,
    I'm not a Broncos' fan but I follow the Q-Cup and have been keeping track of the assignments for all of the ISC teams. Here are the Broncos ones that I know of so far.

    Souths-Logan: Seve, Allan, Flegler, Fifita (MM), Scarlett, Fai, Mago

    Wynnum-Manly: Carrigan, Haas, Nona

    Redcliffe: Staggs (HDC), Taueli

    Norths: Murphy, Shibasaki, Tagataese, Burns (HDC), Paix (MM)

    Ipswich: Bird, Oates, Roberts

    Broncos: Isaako, Funaki, Turpin, Pangai, Pangai, Su’a, Pearson, Opacic, Ofahengaue, Dargan, T.Boyd

    There was some mention in the off season of Opacic staying at Redcliffe but with the dramas late last year we'll wait and see.
  4. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Turpin is at Dolphins he's playing hooker this week.
  5. Sproj


    Is he even close to NRL ready?
  6. NYCDB

    NYCDB BRL Player

    Anyone got news on Brent Woolf? Just saw he's named to play for the Blackhawks U20 side. Has he joined the Cowboys?
  7. K-Style

    K-Style NRL Player

    Just watched the 2nd half of Wynnum vs Pride. Haas is huge and good motor but he needs to run a bit straighter.
  8. A few updates ...

    Funaki to Wynnum
    Turpin (as mentioned), M.Pangai, Pearson and Opacic to Redcliffe

    (I think) Dargan is injured so we'll have to wait and see where he ends up.
  9. isaiah

    isaiah BRL Player

    Did anyone see Souths Logan v norths. Wondering who played better- fai or su'a
  10. Kelleher

    Kelleher BRL Player

    Fai didn’t seem to have a lot of game time but imo he looks good this year. Was strong in defence and attack. Brought some great go forward. Mago also impressed when on and is huge. Sua played the full 80 and really can come up with some momentum shifters when his team needs it. Whether it’s a big hit or a crazy offload. He’s also a lot faster than I realised.
  11. Staggs moved up from Colts to ISC, scored a double and kicked 4. They better keep this kid, gives me Munster/Bird vibes. Bit of a chip on his shoulder but that can be dealt with.
  12. talanoa

    talanoa NRL Player

    staggs was a hamd inclusion off the bench - the real stand out was faiud who played 6. he set both those up for staggs and defensively was very strong. he has improved a lot since i last seen him.
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  13. Both those guys were impressive in the Commonwealth U23 9's too.

    Is Brent Woolf still under contract for the Broncos? He played in the trials but is now with Townsville. Most of the Broncos' feeders have pretty good hooker depth now so maybe they gave him permission to go up and play with his uncle (given that his Dad's team is tipped to be bottom four).
  14. Yeah just watched the highlights, handy kicking too. Both brothers were pretty decent in 20s.
  15. talanoa

    talanoa NRL Player

    i always thought that both of them would be way too small but the one i seen yesterday looked strong and filled out more than i thought. he kicked really well. he could be a real smokey if he continues on the form he showed yesterday
  16. talanoa

    talanoa NRL Player

    i am not sure mate, i doubt they would let him play for for townsville if he was still in the broncs system
  17. Broncapz

    Broncapz QCup Player

    If I was a scout for a club, I would browse all the club forums for threads like these :D
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  18. Tstev92

    Tstev92 QCup Player

    What position is staggs playing these days?
  19. talanoa

    talanoa NRL Player

    he played back row yesterday in cup but has been playing centres for colts.
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