2019 Broncos Line-up

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  2. Actually to be fair from the video it didn't sound too serious, sounds like he will miss next weeks trial is all
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  3. New player profile pics are up on the Broncos website, same team just with different pictures......
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    They didn't want to give Nikorima the credit of being our halfback yet

  5. Morkel


  6. Jake Turpin "It's a credit to himself"

    Now if I can just hear "Credit to the boys" I'll know the NRL season is back. Hurry the heck up round 1. I'm done waiting.
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  7. Gaz

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    He’s come so far. A wasted opportunity if he doesn't knuckle down.
  8. Correction: "Yeah, nah credit to the boys"
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    I think this guy was teased to distraction by WB in regards to a debut last year. He came so close so many times but Benny for some reason just would not let him run on. Not sure why.
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    I give George (Pie) a hard time on here, but sounds like the guy needs it. I know guys his size can struggle with their weight, but I do hope he gets in shape, if anything for his own sake. I know he had a kid last year and there may have been complications with the little one from what I could see, so hopefully for his home life it's smooth sailing now.

    Though I don't see him making our 17 anytime soon/ever with Patty, Tom etc waiting for their shot. Hopefully he can change his habits for the better
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  11. upthebroncs

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    I heard Kahu is on his way to Cowboys. Just what I heard.
  12. Wolfie

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    Think that story came up over an hour ago now.
  13. Sharpshooter Isaako handling the heat

    Jamayne Isaako is ticking all the boxes to ensure he improves on an impressive debut season.
    Wednesday was a training day off for the Broncos players but he tied up the laces and went out in the 37-degree heat to make sure he kicks his weekly quota of 100 goals.
  14. Been so long since we've had a kicker who actually took pride in his goal kicking, last one was probably De Vere.

    Parker & Lockyer were both terrible makeshift kickers.
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  15. Gaz

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    Have a good feeling about this fella. Might be our dark horse (pun intended).
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  16. upthebroncs

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    I like the thought of him in the backrow for us. If he plays anything like Sonny Bill that'd be amazing
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  17. Tom

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    Oh God, we are about to get bombarded with more WB stories. I thought this crap was over. It will never be over as long as he draws breath.
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  18. I moved it to another thread as I had a rethink after posting not suitable in this thread, enough of them to have this sort of discussion then one dedicated to the Broncos lineup for 2019.
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    Correct. Get used to it and get over it.
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