Ben Ikin walks from Channel Nine

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FORMER Queensland State of Origin star Ben Ikin has stormed out of Channel Nine only hours before he was supposed to be commentating on tonight's showdown in Melbourne.

A furious Ikin phoned Nine’s director of sport Steve Crawley early this afternoon to resign from all his commentary duties.

Ikin is the second member of Nine's commentary team to be missing tonight following the standing down of colleague Matthew Johns last month after the NRL group sex scandal.

Special Section: Matthew Johns sex scandal full coverage

Ikin, who is the son-in-law of super coach Wayne Bennett, is angry that Channel Nine’s A Current Affair is doing an investigation tonight into a business owned by his father on the Gold Coast.

Ikin, who could not be contacted, has been a commentator on Nine for several years and is highly regarded by station management.

Steve Crawley confirmed Ikin had quit but refused to comment, other than saying, “â€At this stage I’m just concentrating on getting the telecast right for tonight.’’
Could this day get any better?


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OMG, A Current Affair doing a "Scandal" show on a removalist company? What a shock. Honestly, I Don't think there's a removal company that hasn't had some shonky stuff go on because of some of the people they hire. Loads of stuff just going missing.

Harden up Ikin. You know full well it's a nature of the industry that you'll find dodgy drivers/workers that steal shit. Your dad's company isn't immune.


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Coxy said:
Harden up Ikin. You know full well it's a nature of the industry that you'll find dodgy drivers/workers that steal shit. Your dad's company isn't immune.

Alan was probably the one stealing the stuff.

Ben is stuffed if they investigate his father in law. [icon_evillaugh


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Only if my profession wasn't going to draw further criticism of him, not to mention public ridicule, by my very own employer.

All feelings for Ikin aside, that is dodgy thing to do to an employee.


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Despite the fact I don't consider ACA "journalism", are you implying that a media organisation should not investigate or publish an investigative story because they employ someone related to someone involved?

That kinda goes against what journalism is about really.

I still say Ikin needs a dose of HTFU.


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BTW, I should clarify something. I actually have worked with Ben Ikin while he was working for his dad's company. They were a client of mine and Ben was my main contact. He and his dad's company were a pleasure to work with.

I'm not judging their business in any way. Just Ikin's childish tanty.


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Fancy ACA putting this on the night of SOO.

Great plan for some extra ratings Ch 9.

"The Origin Scandal" lol


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I'm so happy, best day ever, only need QLD to hammer those soft **** blues and it will be perfected!
hahahaha, Glad we don't have to hear 30 best player in the world comments tonight :)

The Brizz

Love or hate Joey at least what he says is insightful as he knew how to play the game, I think he is a douchebag but he is quality as a commentator, just like Gus. They have great footy brains.

Ikin good on him for having morals but I won't miss his commentary.
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