Brisbane Broncos 2019 Round 1 predicted team

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  1. Gaz

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    Brisbane Broncos: 2019 Round 1 predicted team

    Chris Kennedy & Jamie Soward

    The Anthony Seibold reign has already resulted in Kangaroos lock Josh McGuire departing, with question marks hovering over the long-term playing futures of some big names at Red Hill.
    Jack Bird and Matt Gillett are both likely return to the starting 13 after injury-wrecked 2018 campaigns, with Jordan Kahu's centre spot under pressure from Bird. Alex Glenn, Darius Boyd and Kodi Nikorima need big seasons to hold their spots as Brisbane's young brigade pushes to rise up the pecking order.
    McGuire, Sam Thaiday, and Korbin Sims leave big holes in the pack but a battery of up-and-coming forwards ensure the Broncos remain well-stocked in this department with the likes of Tevita Pangai jnr, Jaydn Su'A, David Fifita and Payne Haas set to be key men in the Brisbane pack next season.
    Resident expert Jamie Soward says:
    "Jack Bird, you throw him straight in the 13. Tevita Pangai jnr, you leave him on an edge with Matt Gillett and Alex Glenn goes to the bench and comes in for that utility-centre role. You get that Wade Graham type role on one edge with Matt Gillett, the raw power of Pangai on the other edge and the ball playing through the middle with Bird.
    "The Broncos need to capitalise on some of these guys they paid big money for, throw Bird into 13 and leave Tevita on an edge. He doesn't have to think too much with his attack, you saw what he did to some halves this year."'s predicted Round 1 team:
    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Jack Bird
    4. James Roberts
    5. Jamayne Isaako
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Kodi Nikorima
    8. Matt Lodge
    9. Andrew McCullough
    10. Joseph Ofahengaue
    11. Alex Glenn
    12. Matt Gillett
    13. Tevita Pangai jnr
    14. Jaydn Su'A
    15. David Fifita
    16. Payne Haas
    17. Kotoni Staggs
    Other squad members: Patrick Carrigan, Troy Dargan, George Fai, Thomas Flegler, Jordan Kahu, Patrick Mago, Sean O'Sullivan, Andre Savelio, Gehamat Shibasaki, Myles Taueli, Sam Tagataese

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  2. Alec

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    Need another middle forward on the bench instead of 2 edge rowers.
  3. Rico

    Rico QCup Player

    And a new halfback ...
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  4. JAHHW

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    Yeh, although they have shown they huge potential and may very well be capable, it’s hard to see a lot of minutes in that bench throughout the grind of an entire NRL season - I worry they might burn out.

    With that in mind, you’d have to think someone like Mago and Taga would be there, blokes who have a bit more experience, if only just while the younger brigade get some more minutes in the big time.

    That said, I’d imagine that bench is nothing like what Bennett would roll out come round one, so maybe we’re in for something different in these new times.
  5. Foordy


    i found it amusing how they said that Glenn goes to the bench as the utility, then name him in the starting side...
  6. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    Soward said that, and seems to be completely ignored regarding the list. Funnily it’s the first thing I’ve agreed with him on.
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  7. Sproj


    Also speaks about Bird at lock and he’s named at Centre.
  8. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Soward is a flog
  9. teampjta

    teampjta NYC Player

    We don’t win the comp with Niko anywhere in the halves. If O’Sullivan doesn’t beat Niko to a halves spot than why the **** did we sign him. If not o’Sullivan than some other up and coming junior.

    Still don’t believe that after a miserable season that Niko is the almighty broncos first option at 7 next year
  10. Mightybroncs2k17

    Mightybroncs2k17 QCup Player

    The biggest standout in the majority of the squads i‘ve seen posted is definitely the inexperience on the bench. Personally I can see Glenn on the bench rotating with tpj at lock and someone experienced so most likely taga or possibly Mago or savelio (acknowledging they don’t have great experience either) coming in as a middle forward along with Payne Hass. Then finally Fifita on the bench coming on for Su’a in the final 10-15 mins when our starting props are back on the field.

    That makes our interchange a little less vulnerable with Glenn, Hass and probably taga on while the starting guys take a breather then when they come back on you also have a fresh Fifita coming into the game for impact. To me that’s a far better arrangement then having Hass, Fifita and Su’a coming on to replace lodge, offa and tpj. Not saying those younger guys aren’t quality players but a few rough calls and 50/50 chances go the wrong way and their inexperience could really show.
  11. That's the same team I'd have except with Su'A start on the left edge and Staggs replaced on the bench with another middle forward, ideally an experienced one (We have a LOT of young guys in that team), probably Tagatese.
  12. Mitch06

    Mitch06 NRL Player

    A lot of people would laugh at anyone who would put Tagatese into the starting 17. I think he will need to be there unless Savelio or Mago really stand up.
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  13. coreyh88

    coreyh88 NRL Player

    1. Darbs
    2. Oates
    3. Staggs
    4. Roberts
    5. Isaako
    6. Milf
    7. Nik or an up and coming half
    8. Offa
    9. Macca
    10. Lodge
    11. Sua
    12. Gillett
    13. Bird

    14. Tpj
    15. Haas
    16. Fifita
    17. Glenn/mago

    Tpj on the bench for his impact and utility bring able to play anywhere in the forwards. Glenn or mago depends on the size of the opposition pack.
  14. While it's handy, experience counts for little unless you still possess the talent to demand selection. Tagataese is a good player to have in the rotation, but I'd like to think the Broncos have more qualified and talented players coming through the system. I would like to see players like Patrick Carrigan and Thomas Flegler be given a shot and if it doesn't pan out then you can fall back on Tagataese.

    It's a decision that will be made during the trials, but as a fan I'm always living in hope that the club will unearth stronger talent.
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  15. Footy Fanatic

    Footy Fanatic BRL Player

    Agree, would love to see Flegler or Carrigan get a go ahead of Tagatese.
  16. Kodi Nikorima tore Australia and England to shreds over the off season.
    Yes, that's right he was head and shoulders above DCE and Hunt plus the England halfback.

    Sometimes I wonder if fans even watch the games or just read what's in the media.

    Kodi will come good in 2019 under Seibold.
    (Hooker is where our problem lies, f*** defence, lets blitz em by going all out attack).
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  17. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    This is a Broncos forum and he's been **** ordinary for the broncos for a long time. I hope he does well this year, but have serious reservations about him being able to.
  18. Tstev92

    Tstev92 QCup Player

    England won the series. Nikorima had a blinder in the last match against a weaker English side and if you watched the highlights by playing around the ruck like a hooker
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  19. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    I think easing Pangai back in is key for the first month or so of the season. Gives us some bench impact and experience (despite it being fairly limited as well)

    1. Boyd (so long as he’s 100%, pulls his finger out and doesn’t defend in the line all the time)
    2. Oates
    4. Bird
    3. Jet (he always gets named at 3 right?)
    5. Isaako
    6. Milford
    7. Niko/SoS
    8. Lodge
    9. Macca
    10. Mago
    11. Su’A
    12. Gillett
    13. Joe O

    14. Glenn/Staggs/Niko
    15. Pangai Jr
    16. Fifita
    17. Haas

    There’s something about Mago I like. At the very least he’ll be a good stop-gap until the kids are ready to start. Alternatively if we do start Pangai, Joe to 10, Pangai 13, Mago bench. The 14 will depend on if Niko plays half or not. If he doesn’t, I still think bench hooker is his best position.

    The second row bench spot is tricky, as if the team is as above with Niko at 14, you’ve got 3 guys battling for one spot, unless you push Pangai/Offa to prop etc. I’m not his biggest fan, but this is why I’d have preferred for Glenn to leave rather than see him get dropped, Staggs is good for another year or so of cameos but I’m not against him playing constantly either, and the way Fifita came in and played it’s nearly impossible to leave him out. But they may suffer from a bit of S-Y-S so a rotation may be good for all

    We’ve got Carrigan ready to go too, but it’s the same deal - despite his impressive resumé he still hasn’t played FG yet, so it’s Haas, Patty or Flegler too that are all brand new basically. Rotation there too if nothing else

    People are saying Tagataese, but I just honestly cannot see what positive he can bring to that side. Experience sure, but I highly doubt he’d be able to show that being beneficial over the raw talent of the kids in the short time he’d be on the field. He’s never struck me as a player to have in a crucial period compared to a rookie
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  20. Pub Steak

    Pub Steak NYC Player

    This is definitely the Line-up yo go for. Everything about it says impact, ball players in the right places, strong defence and good opportunities for player development. Tricky times ahead having 3 super talented 2nd towers in gillo, Fifita and Su’a. Hope we can retain them all.
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