Brisbane Broncos 2019 Round 1 predicted team

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Gaz, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Alec

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    Tagatese is a tough one - on the one had, we desperately do need experience, and on the other hand, he just isn't particularly good. I think he's had like one good run all of last year?

    2019 will be interesting. I don't think we have what it takes to win the whole thing, largely due to so many rookies. Hopefully they show enough to give us hope for 2020 though.
  2. Sirlee oldman

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    I don’t think Tagataese is in our top 17. He will be handy if injuries become a problem but I wouldn’t pick him just for his experience (although I am sure his experience has been valuable off the field).
    Normally I would be worried about having so many young guys but this is a special crop. I have seen a lot of Haas and Carrigan and they are different to other young forwards. They won’t take a backward step I guarantee it. Mago impressed me last season and Fifita is the best second rower I have ever seen for his age. He will only get better. Su’A and Offa have been in and around first grade for a few years and Lodge and TPJ are as good as anyone in the competition.
    Gillett and Macca will need to lead from the front but I think we have a forward pack that is very capable of doing the job.
  3. Sproj


    He played well in the second game as well and the Aussie test. Game 1 in England wasn’t great but he wasn’t poor by any means.

    He also played that blunder like a five-eighth, certainly not like a dummy half. Which really bores well for Brissy since Milf really is the halfback now.
  4. Marty Deutschmann

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    That's honestly the best one I've seen and the one I'd go with if it was my squad.
    But with a genuine half, with Kodi to come on for impact like in 15. Glenn to miss out
  5. This is definitely the go! Taga and Hass as the replacement props is perfect and I could see them absolutely ripping it up and keeping the momentum going, in fact Hass would up the tempo. You're right too about experience and it's value can't be overstated. I think we will have a very strong bench this year but I agree, it won't be long on experience unless you give an old hard nut like Tagatese a run.
  6. It's funny and no offense meant but your statement shows you didn't watch Taga at all. He got limited chances and did not let anyone down but he also made good metres, had solid defence(in fact one tackle was an absolute belter) and he had more than just one good run. I'm expecting this year he will have a better season for us largely based on his public commitment to leave nothing in the tank. He knows retirement is close and as he said, he wants to finally have a season where he is maxed out in every way, his best ever effort. We all might benefit from that.
  7. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Tags still start. I don't think it'll be any other way. I predict a Blair type career resurgence ala 15 from him
  8. Mitch06

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    I don't mind TPJ coming off the bench. He just needs to play 50 mins or more.
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  9. Gaz

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    Love to see Kotoni Staggs and Jet in the centres. Would certainly give us plenty of fire power. But that would mean Bird to lock and really can't see that happening. Fullback is not an option while Darbs wants to continue so I guess Staggs will have to wait. We are blessed with so many options, would put a smile on any coaches face. Already selling tickets for trial against Titans on 2nd Mar.
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  10. This probably won't happen, but I'd like to see it trialled...

    1- Kodi Nikorima (I really think he could emulate Matty Bowen there)
    2- Corey Oates
    3- James Roberts
    4- Darius Boyd (he was very good when he played there imo, both defensive and offensively)
    5- Jamayne Isaako
    6- Jack Bird (would make our right side much more solid with Gillo in the middle, with the added bonus of getting more ball)
    7- Anthony Milford
    8- Matthew Lodge
    9- Andrew McCullough
    10- Jo Ofahengaue
    11- Jaydn Su'a
    12- David Fifita
    13- Matt Gillett (we need a solid experienced player in the middle of the ruck, and would benefit from his ability to offload and play ball)

    14- Alex Glenn (covers almost every position bar prop, and is good cover for the second row)
    15- Tevita Pangai Junior (shorter powerfull stints would provide heaps of impact)
    16- Payne Haas (same as TPJ, but can build him up for longer minutes as he matures)
    17- Kotoni Staggs (like Glenn, can play almost any position bar prop and is good cover for the backline)

    Taga, Mago, Savelio all probably could interfere with the above, but I have doubts they will, unless Seibs thinks differently.
    Carrigan and Flegler will get a look in soon enough I reckon.

    Kahu (hate to leave him out, but he just can't beat the starters imo) would be next in line for the backline, although Staggs and the newcomers from Yawnion may have a say about that...

    Pretty stoked with our roster, taking into account our one weakness (halfback), so I really hope Milford continues to improve hsi kicking game without neglecting his running and passing game.
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  11. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player


    1. Tanah Boyd
    2. Fanitesi Niu
    3. Kotoni Staggs
    4. Gehemat Shibasaki
    5. Jordan Kahu
    6. Thomas Deardon
    7. Sean O'Sullivan
    8. Sam Tagataese
    9. Jake Turpin
    10. Thomas Flegler
    11. Patrick Carrigan
    12. Andre Savelio
    13. Patrick Mago
    14. Troy Dargan
    17. George Fai
  12. ethos

    ethos NRL Player

    1. Boyd 2. Oates 3. Roberts 4. Bird 5. Isaako 6. Milford 7. Nikorima
    8. Ofahengaue 9. McCullough 10. Lodge 11. Su'a 12. Gillett 13. Pangai Jr
    14. Glenn 15. Fifita 16. Haas 17. Staggs

    Think those are Brisbane's 17 best players. Probably a prop forward short though. Think Glenn will have to play that #13 role. Leave the more dynamic Su'a and Fifita for the edges. Also not averse to Turpin on the bench to keep McCullough fresher / get more out of him in attack.

    Ofahengaue is going to be shouldering a lot of the grunt this season.

    Also, hope Seibold rests some of the younger forwards through the year, so they're fit and firing come (hopeful) finals.
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  13. bronx89

    bronx89 NYC Player

    15. Myles Taueli
    16. 30th man in the squad
  14. Given the trouble Myles has gotten into during the off season he will be lucky not to be sacked.
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  15. bronx89

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    Care to elaborate?
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Bongo

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    Punters online saying alleged assault on Xmas day.
  18. bronx89

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    Shame, he has potential
  19. upthebroncs

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    I'd like Salesi Funaki to rejoin the top squad. Maybe Jamil Hopoate?
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  20. Jedhead

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    Good call, but I'm not that keen on 'Taga, Mago and Sevelio...interfering' with that line up. Sounds illegal.

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