BroncosHQ Tipping Competition - 2023

tigers spine has them covered lol
True Lord Gamblor surpasses everyone on that spine... he was playing dummy half and fullback in the preseason for this exact game... he'll play all 4 positions tomorrow and win the bastard on his own!!!
Does the tipping site get updated weekly.......or


I can not fathom how @gordjw got 8/8. I mean, he got a perfect round, but he was wrong to pick those teams.

It’s the same as my betting theory - you pick the ones with the longest odds, because that guarantees the best return on “investment”.

No inside info here… not now Petey V…
*Sigh* I'm getting kicked in the tipping nuts so far this year.......I was a week too early on the Parra bounce. back.
3 from 8. Well that was a rotten week for tips
7/8 cant get a half point for the draw lol?
guess it dont matter 71 other ppl got it lol

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