Cobbo: “I think he’s a nice guy but not a good coach”

How long does Kebbie have to prove he's more than just a good friend?

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  • The trials

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  • Week 13

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  • When it's clear we're not making the finals

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  • His contract review

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  • As long as he needs to rebuild the club

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Dec 16, 2015
How has this not blown up in the media?

Long interview, goes on to say how he wasn’t fatigued but had personal issues and that’s why he didn’t play. Says he left games early when we were losing, that groups in the team had falling out (likely due to Payne haas) and that he wants to play fullback.

The most telling was when asked if he thought kevvie was a good coach and he said “I think he’s a nice guy but I don’t think he’s a good coach”.
Anyone feel like time stamping or making a montage of the fun bits? Don't wanna sit through 90mins of a bloke who can barely speak English.
Yeah I skipped all through it. I also couldn’t bare to listen to it all so I’m sure there’s plenty other bits in there I missed. But yeah he really ragged on kevvie as a coach. Said his coaching is weird and confusing.
Even if what he says is true this is very concerning for him. To go on a podcast and rag out team mates and coach shows you as a pretty low class human.
Whilst there is an element of Cobbo being a little shit, the troubling thing is he isn’t saying Kev is not a good coach, he keeps saying he’s not a coach (at all). As in what Kev is doing isn’t ‘coaching’.

I am getting the sense Kevin doesn’t or can’t relate to these blokes and is a poor communicator. He seemingly hasn’t solved the ‘clique’ problems either.
I am assume Cobbo wants a release, this is the only explanation for doing something like this in order to force the club to release him.
What an absolute dickhead. It's one thing to think it but to go on the public record and say he's not a "good coach, he's weird" he's not a coach at all but he's a good person... Yikes, braindead.
The bloke is clearly a moron. As a kid in school you wouldn’t even bag out a teacher if it was on camera. This guy is bagging out his coach in a public forum :/ I wonder if he’s a popular player in the team. I don’t see him with other players very often.
So…Roosters need a new winter or something?

This is a PR nightmare, there’s no way to spin it. I’ve just lost a massive amount of respect for this kid, regardless of whether you agree with him or not about Kevvie, you just can’t have one of your players talking in public like this.

Well I guess we’ll be looking for a replacement singer for round 1 or so, he’s clearly going to have to get sanctioned.
Honestly just release him, we can’t have this in the team.

He needs to be gone ASAP. The club needs to figure out if what he says about Kevvie is true and if it is Kevvie needs to be replaced, however it is besides the point now in terms of Cobbo. There is no way to spin this or salvage it. The club just needs to release a statement saying they are aware of the comments made on the podcast and as such Cobbo is no longer a Bronco. Sort out the finer points down the track.
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I am assume Cobbo wants a release, this is the only explanation for doing something like this in order to force the club to release him.

He did specifically mention he thought about joining Redcliffe yeah so yeah, maybe that’s the club yeah. They couldn’t get Mariner so maybe they want Cobbs instead yeah.
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