OFFICIAL Darius Anointed As New Leader

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    DARIUS Boyd is on the verge of capping one of sport’s greatest comeback stories by being named captain of the Brisbane Broncos.

    Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has confirmed Boyd heads a short-list of three players to replace retired skipper Corey Parker in 2017.

    The 2016 Golden Boot contender is considered the frontrunner to join an illustrious list of Broncos captains which includes champions Wally Lewis, Darren Lockyer, Gene Miles and Allan Langer.

    Hooker Andrew McCullough and veteran Sam Thaiday are also believed to be under consideration.

    “Yes, Darius is definitely in the running,’’ Bennett told The Sunday Telegraph.

    “We’ll make a call once he returns in early January.’’

    Boyd’s selection as captain of the Broncos, let alone any NRL club, would’ve been considered impossible only a few short years ago.

    Gripped by depression and the breakdown of his relationship with partner Kayla, Boyd quit the Newcastle Knights in 2014 and was admitted to hospital where he sort professional help.

    Boyd’s confronting account of the depth of his struggles shocked even his closest friends and contacts within the NRL.

    But with the tools to assist his life, Boyd returned to the Broncos last year, the club which he made his debut with in 2006.

    His arrival at the Broncos under close confidant and mentor Bennett, coincided with a stunning turnaround in fortunes on and off the field.

    A father to he and Kayla’s two-year-old daughter, Boyd returned to the form this year, which saw him named the world’s best fullback in 2010.

    Boyd was named the Broncos best and fairest player this season and his favouritism to be named captain of the club will come as no surprise.

    Indeed, the 29-year-old knocked back an offer to captain the Broncos prior to last season on the account that he “wasn’t ready.’’

    “I’d love to do it if I was the right person and ready in myself and I’m not sure that it’s me at the moment,” Boyd told Fox Sports.

    “I’ve only been at the club for a year.

    “I’d like to be there longer and feel my way into the team a bit more.

    I missed a lot of last year and as far as being a captain, there’s a few things I need to focus on to better myself before I can help others.’’

    Having enjoyed a superb Four Nations tournament with the victorious Kangaroos, Boyd is in the running to be named winner of the prestigious Golden Boot at a gala dinner in January.

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  1. jd123

    jd123 NYC Player

    I don't think he would want it, he doesn't handle failure very well and if we lose a few games in a row, his former condition of depression could relapse.

    Better to keep his mind on the job organizing from the back and ensure the he continues in his current role maintaining a constant homeostasis.
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  2. Sproj


    Seriously? There is no way he isn't named captain in January.
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    Of all the Broncos, Darius is by far the most worthy.

    I'm so proud of his development as both a professional and a person.

    @jd123 I respect your opinion, who would your alternative be?
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  3. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Does anybody seriously think Bennett would pick anyone but Boyd though?
  4. Considering it would be the first time in 12 seasons together...
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  5. Dee

    Dee QCup Player

    I like what Mccullough brings but Boyd is the obvious choice. Leads from the front. Always gives 110% and has the respect of all the players.
  6. Boyd is an absolute legend. I have so much respect for the bloke for the way he managed to turn his life around - it takes a bloody strong person to do that.

    No one else even comes close when we're discussing the next captain.

    Boyd deserves it.
  7. Morkel


    Not sure if I've said it before, but Boyd reminds me of Cronk. Probably not the most talented but absolutely meticulous in terms of training and prep. Not naturally playmakers but work so hard that they replace raw talent with mechanical perfection.
  8. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    Great choice. I hope it empowers him to take control of our attack as well as defence. Premiership in his first year as captain if he does.
  9. mitch222

    mitch222 NRL Captain

    Boyd leads by example and he was pretty much our captain at the back end of the year this year
    our great leaders have been the most vocal ones like locky, Tallis and hodges. I just hope he follows in their footsteps
  10. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    Wtf he can't even give a good interview, let alone being the player in the team to have the most attention on him. I think it should be Thiday or Hunt
  11. Foordy


    Have you even watched Boyd in the last 2 years?
  12. austin71

    austin71 NRL Player

    Thaiday was captain and it was to much pressure for him.
  13. Obviously not.

    Boyd has been good in interviews since he came back. He was good in the post-match press conference when he was captain against Souths.
  14. I couldn't give a rats arse about interviews, but Boyd has shown plenty of leadership on the field since he came back, especially last year under Cozza's captaincy.

    To me it's either him or Macca, simples!
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  15. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    You are judging him on how he conducts interviews? He has improved dramatically in that area anyways. Your two options are not realistic. Boyd will be the next Bronco skipper and rightly so.
  16. meady

    meady QCup Player

    Boyds demeanor nowadays is perfect for captaincy.
  17. I'm loving the hatred on FB about the possibility.

    "He's only getting it because Wayne's the coach"
    "He's only getting it because he's rooting the coach"
    etc etc.....

    Bennett has coached him his entire career, did he ever make him club captain? Not to my recollection.
    Made a mistake.

    Second time in twelve years...

    The first time was Round 19 2016 vs Souths.
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