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    I absolutely love it. WB very very cleverly predicted what the snotty futurists at the Bronco's were planning and arranged things in such a way that JD retained his dignity, got paid and had a job to go to. Total win for WB, truly still looking out for those he holds dear. I love the Bronco's but that doesn't mean I like the board. They were as dirty as anyone in the whole sordid affair. Roll on 2019 and AS's Bronco's.
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  1. Another urban myth, WB has a massive ego. More likely he has little interest in dick measuring and he absolutely hated big noting in his players and I have little doubt he would never rate himself like you claim. In short I think your claim is pure and unadulterated shit.
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    I really think Walters or not, after the gf the confidence was shot. No doubt Kev contributed to our success in ‘15, and by the same token, Wayne deserves most of the credit for that season, as the figure head, however large Walters role was. But Wayne must also take his share of the blame for how it ended. Kev less so. The players mostly of course. But without a shred of doubt, Walters was an asset that season, and we probably would not have had such a great season without him.
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    Nothing wrong with the head coach having a huge ego as long as he deserves it and really it’s expected, isn’t it? Sort of means he’s heading in the right direction.
    However the ‘man in the mirror’ clearly states who is most important. Basically **** the rest.
    You should read it sometime.
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  4. Mmm, okay. I'll check it out. My observation about the majority of people is that they are unable to differentiate between a person with a huge ego and a person who truly knows who and what they are. An example. The world's fastest man over 100 metres states that 'of the people who run professionally I am the fastest'. A simple statement of fact. He may simply be stating it for any one of a variety of reasons.

    At the same time many people would call him an egotist, a braggard or he's up himself etc. If Steven Hawking had said in his robotic voice that he had advanced science he would be stating a fact as valid as any of the hundreds of facts he had used or established. It seems that many people cannot handle the person concerned stating such facts but have absolutely no problem with that same statement if it's made by any other human being, just as long as it's not one particular person! It's not always ego.
  5. Ha ha, I found two such books with the that title. A famous one and WBs book too. I'm guessing you were referring to WBs.
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