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  1. Foordy


    Apparently they conducted an "extensive search and interview process" before signing JD ... Lol
  2. Obvious retention blow for Seibold. 1 point to Wayne.
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  3. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    You wish!
  4. big k

    big k QCup Player

    What is the article about the tweet from the souths nuffy having a crack at the Broncos over us firing him?
  5. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Of course they did.

    Richo: "Wayne? Wayne? Anyone seen Wayne?" "Oh Wayne, there you are I have been searching for you, We need to interview for your assistant"
    Wayne: "It's Jason"
    Richo: "process complete".
  6. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    You guys don't remember how great our attack was in 2015..?? That's when Walters was in charge of the halves and attack.
    Next year we were shit.
    So Wayne got him back only to not give him the same feedoms he had in 15 (cause he was threatened by an assistant over shinning him)
    So kevvie left, stating r re the "wanted to just focus on origin"
    Truth is Walters was getting constantly undermined and had his hands tied
  7. The attack was much improved, but it was the defence that stood out.

    Points Scored
    2015: 574
    2016: 554
    2017: 597
    2018: 556

    Points Conceded
    2015: 379
    2016: 434
    2017: 433
    2018: 500

    SOS Kearney.
  8. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

  9. Hmm... sounds familiar.
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  10. Morkel


    Bennett cheats Broncos one last time, puppies almost certainly killed.
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  11. The most successful coach in rugby league history threatened by an assistant?

    You might be selling it but I'm not buying it

    Wayne refusing to listen to his assistant, refusing to embrace new ideas, and saying my way or the highway....this I can believe, but it would be because Wayne is stubborn and genuinely believes his old way is better than the new way, not because he is threatened

    Every league coach knows only success can guarantee your job, and the idea that Wayne would think Kevvie's ways might bring success but he won't do it in case Kevvie gets too much credit is really silly

    If he thought Kev's way would get the job done he would do it, he just didn't think it would
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  12. Morkel


    I don’t even buy in to this theory that our 2015 was mostly Walters. When did that become accepted truth?

    Broken record here, but we performed off our defence. Even when we were ripping teams apart, it was because we were frustrating the **** out of them with our dominant defence. Blair was **** owning the ruck and teams had little answers for it. Frustration and errors crept in, fatigue, and with that came space and time for Milford and Hunt to run riot.
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  13. Agree with this, pretty fair summary.
  14. That run into the 2015 semis, Blair was an absolute beast.
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  15. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    He's also got a massive ego. So the second the papers and fans start correlating the halves successful form to Walters and not Bennett that couldn't be. So he started over calling him. Walters eventually being shut out of the role he was bought there to do stepped out
  16. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Yeah that's all fair.

    But people have been saying 2015 was Milford's best year. And that's when.Hunt was at the peak of his powers. Running.

    That has all but disappeared. We were the entertainers that year. Their attack was at least more exciting? Scoring tries from either end of the field, Milford and Niko in open space.

    I dunno.. I thought we've not seemed that confident with ball in hand since then
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  17. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    Really stepped up once McGuire went down too. We need someone of his kick pressure. Seems like everyone had an age to kick last year.
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  18. Its was all Kearny and Dodds mate you know that.
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  19. For this to be definitely true would require two things,

    1 - Wayne's stupidity to be bigger than his ego (because he would rather fail on his own than succeed as a team)

    2 - you to have inside knowledge (because you are claiming to know what Wayne did and why he did it)

    I do not believe either of these to be true
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  20. Morkel


    Never underestimate a metric unit of Doddage.

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