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  1. animal eater

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    Not sure I have ever seen a player look at outright scared as DCE. Some fellas are made for this arena, some are not. That's just the way it is. He was woeful on both sides of the ball. Compare how he looked to say even McGuire who is playing in his first series and looks ready to rip in right out the gate.
  2. Mitch06

    Mitch06 NRL Player

    I am going to come out to say it. DCE's performance last night was the worst performance from a rep half since Pearce in his glory days. The worst part was when he made a tackle on 4th play got up, was not at marker and just strolled back to his line...I could see it coming as soon as he did it. Jennings took off through the massive gap he made and they should of scored. He does not deserve to play in game 3 and if he does I refuse to watch it. I sound a bit like a sore loser but I feel sorry for the players who are missing out on a jersey in place of this hack. Surely Morgan is gone too....he did not do a thing except make a few tackles.

    Shout out to JT! What a game, you can tell he put everything into that...truly inspirational.
  3. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    conclusivekənˈkluːsɪv/ adjective (of evidence or argument) having or likely to have the effect of proving a case; decisive.

    If you have to look at it four or five times, or if 3-4 expert (and biased) football commentators of reasonable minds differ as to their opinion of the video evidence, you cannot say there is conclusive evidence to overule the on field ref.

    The refs gave Morris' try under similar doubt.

    Game 3 tickets selling fast now Dave Smith!
  4. Splinter

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    It was a devastating night for me but I just looked at the NRL table and got a massive lift. Go the Broncs
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  5. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    Do what he did for the Broncos, wait for the rest of the supposed better options to retire, get shot or injured then take his chances when he gets an opportunity.

    He + Thurston are absolute competitors. He'll be there for the cover tackle 9/10 for the Broncos. He's built for Origin.

    Seriously, he is 100 times better at the "come off the bench dummy half role" than Morgan. He's 100 times a better half than Morgan. He's played 3 seasons as 14 replacement hooker. He's a better defender than Morgan.

    Mal will pick and stick though.
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  6. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    All in all though, I'm not as bitter this morning as I thought I'd be.

    The Blues should have taken an been up when Pearce scored - that was a very flat forward pass call off the back of a poor defensive error from Qld. We got out of jail on an unforced error.

    Inglis scores and it's game, set and series and a party at Suncorp.

    Game 3 will be a **** cracker. Not unlike Lockyer's last Origin in 2011 I'd say.


    Did anyone see the interview with Mal where he said DCE played "Extremely well". what was he watching?!
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  8. broncos4life

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    Michael Morgan & DCE are not made for origin. Not at all, especially DCE.

    The thing I hate the most is that I know Mal will 'pick & stick' to the teams detriment. Someone needs to tell Mal that picking and sticking is fine when it is guys like locky, slater, smith, thurston and cronk. Not DCE the myth.
  9. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    I'm starting to worry about Mal, I only hope what he says behind closed doors is different to what he says to the media
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  10. Mal wasn't going to come out to the media and slam him and say how much of a shit **** he was.
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  11. Being a bit harsh on DCE I think.
  12. animal eater

    animal eater QCup Player

    Maybe so but this is the internet where everyone exaggerates. Still, I have yet to see one strong game changing performance from the guy in Origin. If nothing else it makes you appreciate just how good Cronk is. I also think Hunt would of been a better selection for the team simply because his game resembles Cronk with a lot of straight forward running. You watch DCE and he absolutely looked like a deer in the headlights. Never once did he put his head down and run direct. Never once did I see him pass with commitment and purpose. Additionally I wasn't to inspired with his positional play on the defensive end. Would I call him a shit ****? Not really but I also don't think he is the man to have a number 7 in the Queensland side either.
  13. But no mention of the fact that it looked like it was left up to him to basically be Cronk. That's not fair on a player just trying to crack into Origin. Thurston and Smith should have played a far bigger part in the halves, but they didn't.

    The biggest gripe for DCE for me was not only him not running at the line, but the fact he didn't seem to be looking for the ball. When we needed a pass to our half, he was on the wrong side of the ball, or so far from the play that the ball simply didn't get to him.
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  14. mitch222

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    If Cronk isn't fit then its time to blood Benny Hunt. DCE and Thurston just cant gel together because they are too simular in playing style. Thurston needs an organiser around him and while Cronk is the best in the business, Hunt could ably do the job plus take the line on if need be. He is also has a very strong combo with Hodges & Thaiday. DCE has blown 3 games for us now with sub par performances. Thurston was the only half keeping us in the game last night
  15. Morkel


    No conspiracy theories here. Just bad play and bad luck. There were some dodgy calls, but the NSW forward pass and the Inglis no-try were correct. Same with the Morris try - might have been losing control, but no separation. You only have to regain control if there is separation as it needs to be regathered properly.

    A couple of the worst games I've seen some of the Queenslanders play. They've all already been mentioned, but I'll defend Matt Scott on Woods - it was a poor attempt but (Thaiday?) should have been coming across on the inside quicker, that's what you drill for.

    Two things killed us:

    * DCE: Looks to me like part of his contract with Manly stipulates "If selected for rep footy, all measures must be taken to avoid injury or suspension". He played with zero heart, zero effectiveness, which is what you'd expect of a self-entitled mercenary.

    * The bench: Having a bench utility and "solid but unspectacular" forwards is perfect if you expect to be in a winning (or at least controlling) position and want to blood a rookie utility. The forwards come on and maintain the status quo, and the rookie gets thrown in to the back-row to acclimatize to getting smashed and violated in true Origin style. If you're behind though, and letting the game slip away, it's useless. Arrogance may play a part in this?
  16. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    I've been surprised by DCE's performances at Origin level. I thought he would fit in very well and believe he has the attributes to perform at this level but hasn't delivered. Hasn't really stood out for Australia as well.
  17. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    We need more mongrel from the bench. Papali and Napa along with McGuire. If we have no Slater, Boyd to fullback and Corey Oates to the wing. The bloke is made for origin.
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  18. Dexter


    You have left out the coach Morkel, the big turning point for mine was going for goal and a 4 point lead, WTF, 4 points 2 points aren't much different but a possible 8 points. The game was ours to take right then but we take the pussy option and leave ourselves open to bad calls etc which duly followed.

    Mal should have benched D$E, they were running traffic at him and he was dodgy which caused a lot of uneasiness to his surrounding defenders. Morgan should have been given a chance there at least as Evans was ineffective in attack if not down right confused.
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  19. Dexter


    Just Can't believe how many ppl are trying to blame Morgan for something, anything will do right. After all he played 21 min but only made 17 tackles, the weak prick could't even win the game for us. He nearly did though knocking the ball free from Pearce but I suppose it was his fault the refs fucked the call as well.

    On a side note, the bloke must live under a rock he has to be the whitest Nth Qlder I have ever seen.
    DCE should use some of his $10m to get some lessons from Cronk & Thurston in the off-season, because he was horse shit last night.

    Our bench Broncos played great, Gillett & McGuire were awesome, Lillyman held his own but wasn't noticeable. With that being said, we need some **** mongrel off the bench, Klemmer came on and ruined us. I'm hoping Cronk should be sweet for game 3, he's usually a quick healer. Not sure what to make of Slater, he played really well but you could tell he wasn't even close to 100%

    This would be my Game 3 line-up (Assuming Cronk is healthy & Slater has his surgery)

    1. Greg Inglis
    2. Darius Boyd
    3. Dane Gagai
    4. Justin Hodges
    5. Will Chambers
    6. Johnathan Thurston
    7. Cooper Cronk
    8. Matt Scott
    9. Cameron Smith (c)
    10. Nate Myles
    11. Aidan Guerra
    12. Matt Gillett
    13. Corey Parker

    14. Sam Thaiday
    15. Josh Papalii
    16. Josh McGuire
    17. Jacob Lillyman

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