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The signs are not good for this world cup are they.
The signs are not good for this world cup are they.
Fiji didn't have a full strength team and they got a few injuries early but it's not a good result for them even though they wouldn't be expected to win, England was 100% full strength.
Anyone know if Herbie had a run?

Played 68 minutes according to the stats.

11 runs (131m), 4 Tackle Breaks, 9 Tackles (2 Ineffective), 2 Errors
Anyone find a stream for the France vs Tonga game?

I'm looking but no bueno.
How about Dominic Young making zero tackles from what appears to be zero attempts
For those wanting to watch replays of the warm-up matches, sign up to this site.

Full replay of the England vs Fiji warm-up game available.
here guys don't know how long it will last:
5k people watching this random guys bootlegged YT stream, just goes to show how backwards this sport is on tv coverage for internationals.

just for reference youtube channels generally need over 1 mil subs to get that much viewership.
Why does rugby league management suck at everything at all levels?

Surely someone at these various management levels realises if these games are streamed somewhere, you can make some money off them and people will watch them. But nope, let’s not even try.

But hey, as fans maybe we should say there’s more opportunities for gambling ads and now they’ll listen.
here guys don't know how long it will last:

I’m only 10 minutes in but so far Tesi’s involvements have been a botched certain try at 1:30, a standard kick return, and a turn over of possession at 9 minutes. I know the eventual score line (don’t know the try scorers) so I assume he gets better but it’s been a rocky start.


Had a good line break pushing through for the offload.

Was at A defender 10m out and avoided direct contact, ended up being dragged to the in-goal and conceding a try.

Dropped it cold on a standard 3rd tackle hit up on own 25m line

Second half and Niu has been shifted to right wing - Kuola to fullback. This was likely a planned move rather than a demotion.

Really terrible half for Niu outside of that line break.

I’m interested to see how he goes on the wing, I’ve said before that becoming a dependable winger is imo his only chance of a career in the NRL but because how small he is he will need to become extremely hard working, like a Utai, To’o, or Thompson.

Non-existent 2nd half. Kuola looked great at fullback.

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