Manly Sea Eagles - Salary Cap Breach

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by GCBRONCO, Oct 27, 2017.

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    Reading the comments online you'd think it was us who got busted. Our team is nothing like it was from 2006-2009.
  2. Tom

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    I honestly don't know where this crap comes from, it must be just years of seething hate still built up from the early 90's when all the best queenslanders WANTED to play for us as a big middle finger to the NSWRL. We don't even have what you would call a genuine superstar(yet) on our books. The closest we have to one is Milford who is still yet to show consistency. No Thurston, no Smith, no Slater, no Cronk, no Inglis, no Tedesco etc etc. If we were cheating the cap wouldn't we at least have one of those on the books?
  3. Sproj


    Milford doesn't play like a superstar yet but he is the money of one. Performance doesn't always relate to salary.
  4. Tom

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    Yeah maybe the contract he signed this year for 2018 onwards, but that doesn't explain the last 5 years of accusations.
  5. Tom

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    So she gets to **** the players? Gross.
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  8. So manly have signed Joel Thompson, they must have adopted the roosters salary cap model in order to get compliant.
  9. How can the NRL register a contract AND investigate a cap breach at the same time?
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    It’s the NRL so why not. I’m sure they’ve suspended betting for the spoon as well
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  11. Sproj


    Amateur hour as always.
  12. Broncos Maestro

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    Bumped to keep relevant. What's happening with this investigation or will it take 2 years like the investigation into Sharks drug charges? Or are they hoping people forget about ‘granny's payments' while complaining about the 'rorting one town' Broncos:angry::angry:
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  13. Morkel


    I think the NRL are waiting to hear back from Cam Smith on what to do.
  14. Sproj


    The result will be something like:

    The Manly-Waringah Sea Eagles have been found guilty of systematic cap rotting over the past few seasons and being general high life grubs.

    Therefore, the Brisbane Broncos will be stripped of their 92, 93, 98, 00 and 06 titles and will not be allowed to compete for points until the Manly club is once again cap compliant.

    The Sea Eagles will also be awarded the 97 ARL title and be offered a full pardon by the Newcastle Knights for winning it instead. No one cares about the Broncos of 97 winning the stronger title. We will not take questions at this or any further time because we simply never know how to answer anything properly anyway.
  15. *No parties have right to appeal. This decision is final.
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  16. cakeGG

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    Manly had a week to respond to the NRL over the breach. Silence since. Pathetic.

    NRL needs to wake the **** up. There's also the dodgy Thurston/Cam Smith charity trial match next month too.

    If this year's premiers are one of the 3 teams I have mentioned in this post (Manly/Cowboys/Storm) I'm just gonna put "*" next to it.
  17. Manly have been fined $750,000 for salary cap breaches with $250,000 suspended if the club undertakes appropriate governance changes to ensure there is no repeat of the breaches.

    In addition to that, they will also have a $660,000 penalty applied to their salary cap for 2018 and 2019. The NRL have also suspended the registration of two officials and banned them for 12 months.

    Where is the loss of points?
  18. ivanhungryjak

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    Bob Fulton resigned before they could do anything to him. But Andrew Gee is the devil incarnate.
  19. Morkel


    So how are the players and their managers getting away with it? Will it be claimed that they did not know that there was cheating going on, and that they were told that their 3rd party deals were all above board and the club would declare them? I was under the impression that the contract sent to the NRL had to disclose all 3rd party agreements, whether they were guaranteed by the club or not, and the players and their agents had to sign those contracts?
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