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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by mrslong, Mar 13, 2017.

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    Are the Vikings a really good team or are the Saints terrible? Do they play better at home and do they get better over the season? I watch the Super Bowl every year but that's as far as my NFL viewing gets. I watched the Saints/Vikings game though. It just isn't sucking me in. What got you guys into it?
  2. The Vikings are about as middle as the road as it gets, but they're my team. It's a real culture shock going from a side like the Broncos and cheering on a team like Minnesota who are so irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The only thing they have to crow about is their defence which is good without being elite.

    The Saints always start the season slow and seem to play a lot better at home than they do away. Reality for a Saints fan is that you've got a ticking clock starring you in the face and the less time you have with Drew Brees, the less likely your side will come to winning another Superbowl. He was brilliant for the Saints last year, but he basically had to do it on his own and the defence as it's been for years has been pissweak. The Saints have made steps to try and improve that area, trading one of your star receivers to get a first round pick but it's a tall order.

    I'm by no means a big NFL fan and I've still got a lot to learn, but just think about what got you into Rugby League and try to follow the same pattern.
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    I'm not sure of any controversy surrounding Kaep before the kneeling occurred? Are you just referring to his poor play, or have I forgotten something?

    I guess my main issue with it is that players get found guilty of crimes almost every week in the NFL. Mostly small stuff, but some spend time in jail and come back and play and there's seemingly no issue with that. There's controversy everywhere. Why does a man's right to protest peacefully make him a less appealing option than those with drug charges, or murder charges?

    Players will kneel again this year and nothing will happen. A white player kneeled in the pre-season and it was barely a blip. Says a lot IMO.
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    Not a specific incident per se, just his demeanor in general. For whatever reason, he's been rubbing fans up the wrong way for years and there was definitely a contingent who were looking for a reason, found it and then went into overdrive.

    As far as this particular incident is concerned, I don't think his on-field form helped him one bit. Clubs will put up with a lot if a guy can produce, but if they're just flapping their gums and not backing it up it makes everyone hesitant.

    Kaep will find a franchise eventually, it will just come down to desperation.
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    Domefield advantage hasn't actually been a thing for a few seasons, now, unfortunately. There was a period where a home game was basically an automatic W (primetime games, home or away, were a bit like that as well), but sadly no longer. They've also got a patchy o-line (RT Strief went down yesterday, elite LT Armstead out for a little while yet), a decimated receiving corps (Cooks gone, Snead suspended, Fleener underproducing), and a largely young and inexperienced defense (three rookie starters, entirely new LB unit, plus a couple of key injuries in Breaux and Fairley).

    Given their relative youth, I expect the defense to get better with time this year. This isn't going to be a shut-out defense, but more of a bend-but-don't-break, opportunistic defense like we had under Gregg Williams. If they can be middle of the pack by the end of the season, that's an enormous improvement on what we've had recently.

    The problem is definitely the offense. Yesterday was a prime example - they got into the redzone four times, and settled for four field goals. That allowed the Vikings to play with the lead for the majority of the game, and they ended up putting the game to bed by converting their own chances. If the Saints had converted just a couple of those opportunities into TDs, the defense is suddenly looking at a much smaller margin. I think a huge turning point as well was in the two minutes before the half when Payton called those timeouts. Great, I love that you have faith in your defense, but man you out them in a hole you didn't really need to by doing that.

    The offense is definitely on the downswing. Brees is coming to the end of his Hall of Fame career - granted, he may play another four or five productive years, but unless he has the Denver-like defenses Peyton enjoyed, I don't think he's winning another ring. Mike Thomas is a stud, and I hope we hang on to him. I wasn't that sad that Cooks left purely because of Thomas, because Cooks has a skill set that is more common in the league (I'd have been far less sad if we'd gotten Butler in return). Ingram is a fine all-purpose back, but Peterson is done. I'd be surprised if he contributes much at all this season. Kamara is more exciting, and has plenty of potential. They have some good pieces on the o-line, but the remainder of the offense is not anything like as deep as it once was.

    They also play in what's probably the second toughest division in the league, so there's also that. All told, after yesterday I get the feeling that it's going to be another loooong season...
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  5. I liked your post @Culhwch@Culhwch but that doesn't do your contribution justice. Awesome analysis and thank you for teaching me a thing or two about the Saints.
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    How freakin terrible is our offense playing @Porthoz@Porthoz ?
    Hoyer is hopeless, Hyde gave us hope. WR were avg at times.
    Good signs with our D though.
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    Packers decided to go all out on getting injured
  8. Yes, liked the D. And we don't even have Foster at the moment. Good times ahead I think.

    The offence... 2 games, 0 TD. Says it all, doesn't it?
    It's not all Hoyer, as like you said our receivers weren't very good, but jeez, do we need a QB. Bring Kaep back ffs... at least until we have someone capable in the pocket!
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  10. AndyB

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    Needed areas of improvement are QB, OL, another pass rusher and DB.
  11. The only way to fix the 49ers is to send them Jesus Hayne.
  12. Attack (QB, OL, TE and WR) should be the focus imo, as even if defense can always use some improvement, it measures up to most of the comp.
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    Yep, forgot to add quality WRs to my list
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    Glad to find a fellow Vikings supporter out there✊️
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    Really good weren't they. Brees the surgeon opened up.our defense. Cam Newton is so far off the level he needs to be. His shoulder still ain't right. Shows how bad the panthers offense is with how many points they put up against the Saints.
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    Yep, the Panther offense is a worry. And that was actually a reduced unit from the one that let Sam Bradford put up career numbers two weeks ago. I'm under no misconception that we've turned any kind of corner, just one of those rare days where both the defense and offense turned up to the same stadium. Nice for a change, though.

    It's just a shame Atlanta pulled out the win...
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  18. Clintos

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    Pats defense is shot. It's annoying.
  19. Bucking Beads

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    They'll be back to their best this week against the Panthers

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