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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Porthoz, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Changing the way a ball travels through the air without your opponent's knowledge is cheating. Pats fans are the only ones that refuse to accept this.

    I would say fumbling the ball in the final minutes, handing the ball to the opponent to then take the lead would have a fair bit to do with Brady, but that's just me.[/QUOTE]
  3. Clintos

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    It was allegedly about grip more than how it travels through the air. I think everyone will agree Brady has no issues throwing the ball - even at 40.

    And you're wrong. The game was lost because our defence didn't turn up all game. Way too many 3rd down conversions that should have been stopped, and just general poor play. Whilst the fumble didn't help, if our defence turned up to play then it wouldn't have been an issue. They made Foles look like Brady.
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    And so the butt hurt continues. I’m fine with my QB and his 5 epic rings.
  5. Josh McDaniels, what a wimp.
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  6. Wash your mouth when you speak of the real and only GOAT!
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    I wonder if he got told B.B. is on the out and he’s next in line?
  8. That's one theory floating around. We'll take Bellichick and you can keep McGutless.
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    Not a good look by McDaniels.
    The Pats should keep him for 20 years cause there won't be too many teams looking towards him for a HC position.
    He may have PTSD after his Denver experience.
  10. 11-5 with Matt Cassell says otherwise.
  11. Spygate has been disproven? Maybe in fantasyland but not in the real world.
  12. To compound this excellent week in the NFL, the 49'ers and Garoppolo have put pen to paper and Jimmy will be our QB for the next 5 years. :superhappythumbsup:
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    Half a decade of mediocrity, locked in.
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  14. You're confusing wishful thinking with reality. :p

    The 49'ers only go one of 2 ways... at the very top, or scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
    The way we finished last season with such a young team, this QB, a huge warchest and heaps of Draft picks, we only need a bit of luck on the injury front to be right back at the top of the NFC.
  15. Given what Jimmy G did with the dregs at WR and TE at the end of the season, if the 49ers draft well in those departments then they'll be on the way up.
  16. broncos4life

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    Draft day motherfuckers!!!!

    Who do you want your teams to go for in the first round?

    Would love the packers to land Derwin James but that is a long shot and would have to move up, although would be happy with Ward, Jackson or Fitzpatrick.
  17. mitch222

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    I think the pats might trade up and get a QB first round. That or trade down for more picks in the second round
  18. mitch222

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    Browns went Mayfield 1st up.
    Darnolds the better player imo
  19. QB fest today.

    Pretty happy with the 49ers OL pick to protect Garoppolo. Was the most important position to fill.
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    Needed a cornerback and not only got a great one but picked up a 1st round pick for 2019. Nice.

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