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It was 45-7
Not the pats fault the colts couldn't tackle to save their lives. What does pressure of the balls being down 1 psi
The issue is that only one team knew they were going to be lighter and had the opportunity to prepare and practise with that. In a game where the ball being an inch too high or low can be the difference between a completion and a down, of course it matters.

Further to that if it didn’t matter then why would they have done it?

Honestly, people would have more respect for the Patriots and their fans if they actually fucking owned it.


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I thought Gilmore or Hightower deserved MVP, that Defence was something else. They are going to haunt Goff's nightmares for days. Happy with Jules though, what a machine. He saved Brady so many times. The Rams did a great job of shutting down White.



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Don't watch this sport much but tuned in today. Have to say it was boring as crap, what's Americas obsession with it? RL kicks it's ass.


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Why does no one blast the Saints for deliberately trying to target injured players or actually injure players? So much worse than that video incident one time 15 years ago.
Haters gonna hate.
Yeah, as a Saints fan I can confirm that we never hear about BountyGate. That might be the first time I've heard it mentioned since it happened, actually.

Just to even out the playing field a little, though, there's plenty of other documented cheating across the board: Saints and Pats are both 'below average' cheaters, it turns out!

It wasn't a great game to watch, but full credit to the Pats, they absolutely stifled McVay and Goff and that vaunted offense. The Pats’ O couldn’t get anything much going themselves, but did just enough when it mattered to win it. I feel sorry for the Rams’ defense, because restricting the Pats to 13 points should have been more than enough.

I suspect it’d have been a different game had the Saints made it, not least because, you know, Payton and Brees are actually capable of making adjustments in-game. I don’t know that they’d have won it, but I figure they’d have at least scored more than 3 points…


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That pats defence was on another level yesterday to where they have been all year. Sure it didn't have a 37-30 score line but in a modern NFL era where total points scored for a game normally exceed 40+ this was a very pleasant surprise. On any other day, the Rams defence wins the game for them too. It took Brady basically having the go to two of the most elite players in the business in Edelman and Gronk to get the job done when it mattered the most.
Coaching was the real difference in the game and it showed. Belichick completely outfoxed McVay's very much vaunted offence. To hold a team that scored 33pts per game this year to just 3 points is insane. Experience in big games counts for a lot.

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