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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Porthoz, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    Exactly, as a pats fan where for the last 2 seasons 3rd and long meant a massive play for the other side, the last 3 weeks have been mind blowing.
    Remember at the start of last season where everyone was saying Bellichick paying Gilmore instead of Butler was ridiculous? What a turn around!
  2. Clintos

    Clintos NRL Captain

    You've got to question the usage of Gurley as well. Can't believe they left him on the pine so much.

    The Patriots were always going to target the run and make Goff win the game, but you have to let a player like that try to win it for you. How many catches did he finish with? 1? Absurd IMO.
  3. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Yeah I couldn't understand that either. I mean you guys had shut down the run game and there are whispers that Gurley was injured but if he is active you play him. I can understand not wanting to get him rushing too much with the injury but surely he could have been in the pass game.

    Goff shit the bed and McVay seemed to be a bit out of his depth.
  4. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    He was definitely injured and they tried to keep it quite all the way through the playoffs. They should have just rested him in a hope that he would be fit eventually.
  5. Clintos

    Clintos NRL Captain

    Didn't realize he was injured still. Even so - no reason they could adjust their offense to dink and dunk. There were yards to be had in the short - intermediate route tree. Gurley would have been perfect for it. Cooks would have been too but they didn't use him that way.
  6. Goff was just horrible. I can't remember another instance where a QB was so dominant through the season and then went to shit in the SB. Maybe Rich Gannon but that was probably more on the insane Bucs D.
  7. teampjta

    teampjta NYC Player

    Watch the national anthem again, Goff looked terrified, he was clearly overwhelmed by the occasion.

    From top to bottom the pats are a brilliant organisation, their ability to adapt is amazing. Easily the best team/club in modern sports
  8. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    When he was actually running the ball he looked better than CJ Anderson, I can't understand why they didn't risk him more? I mean hello, you're actually in the superbowl - it's next to impossible to get here, this is where you leave it on the table. Was similar to Butler last year, don't you at least put him in for one play and see what happens? Crazy things happen at the Superbowl.

    Goff looked a bit like Matt Ryan did in the 4th quarter, totally imploded. Only he imploded from the start, Ryan imploded with a 20point lead.
  9. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    Give a bit of credit to the pats defence. They shut down pretty much all his options and he was confused as **** about their blitz's all night.
  10. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    It was reminiscent of Pearce vs the Maroons, Pearce shits the bed because the Maroons are in his face.
  11. Clintos

    Clintos NRL Captain

    I have to say though - bias aside - the Pats blocking of Donald and Suh etc was brilliant. A lot of the schemes were perfect.
  12. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    I heard someone say this has been Scarnecchia's finest year of coaching. Can't really argue with that.

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