GRIDIRON NFL 2023-2024

Can Taylor Swift just dissapear now please
It’s not even that she is on the tv. Can’t blame her if she is just sitting there and the cameras are panning to her. BUT SHE ISN’T. Most attention-seeking behaviour I have ever seen
Don't care about this game whatsoever but which were the memorable ads?
Oh, don't worry, I will!

The good news is no matter who loses, someone loses. But it will be SF. And badly.

I think for a given definition of 'badly', I was one hundred percent correct.

Shame KC had to win, though. Football is the true loser here tonight.

Well, football, and the Niners.
Hats off to Purdy that dude got all the criticism in the world and he came up clutch every time he needed to. In the end Mahomes made value out of his half a billion dollar contract.
Why did today give me flashbacks of panthers vs broncos…

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